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Favourite Summer Nail Varnishes

No matter what season it is, I feel nail varnish is a great way of adding colour to an outfit and completing a look. In the summer I love to add a pop of colour through the nail vanishes I use.


Among my large collection, I have six nail varnish colours that I feel are perfect for the summer season. You can really get away with any colour in the summer but I like to go for blues, pinks and purples. Adding a layer of confetti or glitter over a nail colour can really change up your nail look, making it more exciting and summery. I have been painting my nails (and my families nails) for years so I now have my favorite brands that I know are long wearing and have a good pay off.


I love wearing blue nail vanish and here are my three favorite:

Nails Inc : The Tide is High 501 (special edition with Instyle Magazine)

OPI : Cant Find My Czechbook

Barry M: Sour Apple (Confetti Nail Effect)

I absolutely love these three colours, they all remind me of summer. OPI and Nails Inc have always been my go to nail vanish brands. I find they both are extremely easy to apply, due to the long thick brush, and there amazing formulation. You will find that applying two coats of nail polish will give you the bottle colour. I really like Barry M confetti nail polish as it allows me to add a different look to any nail vanish colour, and gives an amazing effect to any colour nail vanish.


This next set of nail varnishes are more of the pinky and purple colours, which I wear all the time. These nail vanishes are called:

OPI: Polka.com

OPI: Suzi’s Hungary again!

Essie: Play Date

Polka.com is an amazing nail vanish to put over any colour. It is made up of blue, pink, and purple glitter of different sizes. You can layer this nail vanish up to create different effects and looks. One effect I love is to add this glitter on the tip of you nail, creating an amazing french manicure look.  OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again is an amazing coral, which I always wear when I am on holiday as it is a bright and really fun colour. Finally Essie is a new brand that I have only recently discover. Essie is much cheaper than OPI and Nails Inc but I feel you get the same longevity and formula. This colour from Essie (Play Date) is a beautiful colour and I have worn it so much since buying it last year.

Over the years I have been able to perfect my nail vanish application routine and I have a few tips to share with you. Firstly always make sure you use a good base coat, as this will even out the texture of you nails and protect them from nail varnish staining. I also always apply two coats of nail polish as this helps with the longevity and colour of your nail varnish. Finally always use a top coat, this will make sure the nail vanish lasts longer and also adds a gorgeous shine to your nails.

I will be adding a follow up blog post about my top nail care products so make sure you keep an eye out for that in the near future, and feel free to subscribe for regular updates. I would love to know what your favourite nail vanish colours are? Do you have a favourite brand you can’t get enough of?

Steph x


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