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My Top 5 Summer Candles

One of the first thing I love to do in the summer is burn candles. I absolutely love burning candles in my home, as I feel it helps set the mood and makes it lovely and homely. I like to choose which candle to burn by what mood I am in or what atmosphere I want to create in my home.

I have a few tips for you when you are choosing which candle to buy. First tip is to look at what the candle is made out of. I always find the soya candles are the best as they will burn across the jar evenly and usually don’t have any toxins in them that could harm our health. If there is a candle I know I want to buy I will look up reviews first to see what the pay off for smell and burning time are like. Another tip is the first time you burn your candle try to burn it for about 4 hours. After your initial time of burning, the candle will then just burn down and not across. Good candles should burn almost fully across when given enough time.


So I have chosen my top 5 candle which I cant live without during the summer period. I tend to go more toward the fruity and fresh scents, as they feel so summery to me. I will usually burn a candle ever night and like to mix it up so that my home always smell amazing. So let’s get into my top 5 candles then.


These first two candles are really fruity scents, and even smell good enough to eat.

Left: Blueberry from Marks and Spenser (unfortunately been discontinued)

Right: Apple & Raspberry from TK Max

The Blueberry candle is absolutely amazing and I am so upset it has been discontinued. The smell is like nothing I have smelt before, as it smells of fizzy blueberries. I don’t know how you can make a candle fizzy but Marks and Spencer have managed it. This candle has amazing pay off with the smell and it burns lovely and evenly. The other candle Apple & Raspberry smells seriously fruity and a nice amount of sweetness too. I haven’t burnt this candle yet but I am so excited to try it out as the smell from the tin is incredible.


The next two candle smell a lot more citrusy, giving a lot more of a freshness to the room when burning.

Left: Verbena Candle Jar by Lily Flame 

Right: Lavender + Lime Tin candle by Lily Flame

These two candle are made by the same company who are based in Somerset England and pride themselves on their level of detail that goes into every candle. I think these two scents are amazing and are very different to one another. The Verbena Candle is an extremely fresh and zesty smell. If you have ever used the L’Occitane verbena, then it smells very similar to that, which I absolutely love. The Lavender + Lime is much more of a calming scent as you have the soothingness of the lavender which a kick of lime. I usually light this after a long day as this candle helps me unwind and feel really relaxed in the evenings. These two candles both burn evenly across the pots and have an amazing pay off. The scents aren’t over powering but they are strong enough that when someone walks in the room you are greeted by an amazing scent.


My final candle is called Rhubarb And White Freesia by Next and it is a very fruit and summery scent, I feel. The top notes of the candle are rhubarb and pear and these notes lead down to the white fressia and lilac. I feel the scent of the candle is wonderful. The only disappointment is that the pay off isn’t as good as the other candle above, which is a real shame. When smelling this candle, before it being light, the scent is really intense but not over powering and its a real shame it’s not this intensity when lite. 

So now you know about my little obsession with candle. As the seasons change I will blog about my other top candle so keep an eye out for those. So how about you, do you have a favourite summer candle?

Steph x


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