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My Nail Treatment Recomendations

I have been painting my nails for years now and absolutely love doing it. I find I end up doing my nails in the evening as I find it really relaxing and fun. One thing I have learnt over the years is that you need to look after you nails, like any other part of your body, for them to look their best whether they are painted or not. On the whole my nails are normally in good condition but I find especially in the winter they can start to peel at the tip, which I hate, but I have found some products that help.


There are so many different nail treatment products on the market, working out which ones to buy, can be very difficult. I have picked my essential nail product that I feel really work and could benefit you. So let’s get into it.


These 5 products are ones I would use when I want to pamper my nails or get them ready to be painted. So we have:

OPI Original Nail envy strengthen

Hoof Stick

Leighton Denny Trio 3-in-1 Nail Buffer

Leighton Denny Rennovate

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go

When I get my nails ready to paint I start with the Leighton Denny Nail Buffer. This buffer is the best in my opinion and I have tried many in the past few year. The buffer has two sides: One is the levels of buffing and the other side shines you nails. If my nails are splitting then I will apply a tiny amount of Rennovate to each nail. This product helps to moisturise and restore you nails back to their normal health. Every few months I like to sort out my cuticle so I use the OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil on every nail. This product has a brush on the end tube making application simple and quick. With this product on your cuticles it makes removing excess cuticle skin with a hoof stick really easy. This is essential for perfect nails.

OPI Original Nail envy makes an amazing base coat will nurturing and restoring your nails at the same time. This nail varnish will strengthen your nails, while stopping your nails from being stained and damaged from coloured nail varnish usage. I also like to use this nail varnish on its own as it gives you nails a lovely shine with no colour. You can apply this nail varnish everyday if you want to give your nails a treatment.


These are the three products I like to use when painting my nails.

OPI Matte Nail Envy

Nails Inc 45 Seconds Top Coat with Kensington Caviar

Zoya Fast Drops Polish Drying Drops

OPI has lots of different types of Nail envy products in different colours and finishes. The Matte Nail Envy works amazing as a base coat, due to the matte finish of the polish. After applying two coats of colour its then time to apply a top coat. I was given Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat for christmas and I have fallen in love with it. The nail varnish is touch dry within 45 seconds and it is completely dry within a few hours. This nail varnish has changed the way I paint my nails, as I now don’t need to wait forever for them to dry. Another way I like to finish is to use any top coat and then put one drop of the Zoya Drying Drop onto each nail. These drying drop work just like the Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat. The only thing that can be annoying with it is that you have to wash the residue off as it is very oily.

So there are my nail treatment recommendations. I have done a blog post on my ‘Favourite Summer Nails Vanishes‘, so why not check it out. So what are your favorite nail treatment?

Steph x

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