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Molton Brown Shop Experience

I had been living in Kingston Upon Thames for the past 3 years as I studied at Kingston University  and have just moved away as I graduated this week. In the three years of living in Kingston Upon Thames I never ventured into the Molton Brown store so I decided to have a look during a visit on Tuesday. Before going I pre booked a complimentary hand and arm massage, which I was really excited about.


I really liked the way the store was layout and organised into different sections. All the furniture in the store is a stained wood, making it a lovely uniformed yet neutral base for products to be displayed within. The shelves were made from glass adding a lovely light and spacious feeling to the display units. The store was organised in a way that it was easy to see and find all there different products clearly.

One thing I love about Molton Brown is their body products are mainly in see though pots, resulting in an explosions of colour throughout the store. These bottles really stand out from the wooden and glass shelving units making for an eye catching display. The shop is an inviting and comfortable space to spend time in, thanks to the glass shop front and bright interior.


So now onto the amazing hand and arm massage. I chose to try out the Pink Pepperpod range, which has a spicy pepper scent with a sweet after note of patcholi. A range products were used in the massage, starting off with my arm being washed in the Pink Pepperpod body wash, which smelt amazing. Once my skin was washed and wet the Fiery Pink Pepper scrub was then applied all over my hand and arm in a circular motion. Katie, from Molten Brown, explained to me that the scrub is made from sugar, allowing for a gentler exfoliation, which I much prefer. The scrub was then washed off with a sponge and my arm was dried in preparation for the lotion.

Katie put a generous amount of Pink Pepperpod lotion into her hand and then started to apply the lotion to my hand and arm, while massaging. The massage lasted for about 3 – 4 minutes and it was so relaxing. Katie applied just the right amount of pressure so that my arms felt really relaxed but didn’t hurt due to too deep of a massage. I have had a few hand and arm massages before, in other shops, but this one by Katie was by far the best I have ever had. After the massage the Pink Pepperpod body spray was sprayed on top to finish of the massage. The finished smell was beautiful, I normally wear floral and sweet scents but I really like the Pink Pepperpod smell. The spicy top note of the fiery pink pepper was softened by the bottom notes of rich patcholi and I love it.


After the massage was finished, Katie then went off to get me a little goody bag, which was so lovely of her. The Goody bag contained a  Pink Pepperpod body wash, which I cant wait to use at home and it smells amazing, and a linen cloth with the home & linen Pink Pepperpod Mist it.

I had the most amazing experience in Molton Brown and want to thank Katie from the Kingston Upon Thames branch for an amazing massage and a brilliant time. One piece of advise I received was when you put any perfume or body spray on, apply body lotion on before anything else. The body lotion will stop the perfume from sinking into your skin, making it last twice as long.

If you want to try out their products then a hand and arm massage is a perfect way of doing that. I would recommend phoning up to book an appointment to avoid disappointment. If you want to take a look at the Pink Pepperpod range on their website then click here.

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Steph x

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