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Top 5 Nude Nail Varnishes

I love wearing nail varnishes all year round, with colours changing depending on the season and time of the year, but nude nail varnishes are perfect for anytime of the year. I have 5 nude nail varnishes that I can’t live without and thought I would share then with you.


When it comes to nude nail varnishes I normally go for a hint of pink or a darker brown/ sand colour. The 5 colours I am going to talk about I wear all the time as they are so easy to wear and the colours are beautiful.


So to start off here are the 3 pinky needs I can’t live with out (from left to right):

Leighton Denny: Starkers

Leighton Denny: 3 Times a Lady

OPI: Nails Envy Warm Blush

Leighton Denny is one of my favourite nail varnish brands. I love the formulation and application of their nail varnishes, and the colours are always beautiful; these two nail varnishes are no exception. Starker is a very pale pink that gives nails a very natural looks rather than an opaque colour. The nail varnish dries with a high gloss and you can build up the intensity of the colour through the number of layers you apply. I usually apply two layers so you have an even coverage and a beautiful hint of sheer pink on your nails. The next leighton Denny colour is called 3 Times a Lady, which is slightly different to other nail varnishes. 3 Times a Lady has been formulated so that you can have three different shades of pink depending on the number of coats you apply. With three coats this nail varnish will be a block colour of pink and with just one coat you will have a sheer beautiful pink, which is slightly darker than Starkers. This nail varnish again has a high gloss finish leaving you with a finish that looks like you have had a professional manicure, which i love.

The OPI Nail Envy Warm Blush is the same formulation as the other nail envy products, that I have mentioned in my My Nail Treatment Recommendation, but instead of you having a clear finish this nail varnish has a block colour, which i really enjoy. This nail varnish will help to strengthen and repair your nails while you are wearing a pinky/salmon nail vanish. I Love wearing this when I know my nails need some TLC but I will want to have them painted in a nude colour.


The next two colour in my top 5 nude nail vanishes are:

Rimmel London: Super Gel Soul Session 012

Leighton Denny: Supermodel

These two colour are more of a sandy/brown colour, which is nice when I want to move away from the pinker nudes. The Soul Session by Rimmel London is an absolutely beautiful colour, I liked the colour in the bottle but once applied I fell in love. I wear this colour all the time as it goes with everything and you can wear it for any occasion. It has a lovely balance of brown and pink in it making it feel, nice and feminine but also lovely and sophisticated.

The final nail varnish is another Leighton Denny Varnish, can you tell I like the brand, and it is called supermodel. This is the darker nude I own but I really enjoy wearing it. I am always surprised at how dark the nail varnish is but it is so beautiful. This is a very sophisticate colour, which could also be a statement colour if you wanted it to. This is a high gloss finish and the formulation is the same as the other Leighton Denny nail vanishes.

When applying all these nail varnishes I like to make sure I use a base and top coat, as this will ensure they last for as long as possible. I also put two coats of colour nail vanish as this usually gives you the best possible colour and coverage, Starkers and 3 Times a Lady number of coats will depend of what colour you are looking for. If you want some advise of base and top coats then check out my blog post My Nail Treatment Recommendation or comment down bellow.

So there you go those are the 5 nude nail varnishes I can’t live without. If you want to know what summer nail vanish colours I am loving this year then check out Favourite Summer Nail Vanishes. Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Steph x

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