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25 Facts About Me

I thought I would do a slightly different blog post today and make it more personal, allowing you all to learn a bit more about me. I am going to share 25 facts about me you don’t know.

1 . I really struggled with my course at University and nearly dropped out after the first year.

2 . I have just graduated from University with a BA(Hons) Interior Design.

3 . I lived in Virgina, USA for 2 years and absolutely loved it, I would love to move back out there again.

4 . I love dogs, to be precise Golden Retrievers and Labradors.

5 . I can’t live without tea, I drink about 2 cups a day.

6 . I am getting married next year, which I am so excited about and can’t wait!

7 . I love traveling and my favourite place I have ever been too is North America, especially the National Parks.

8 . I have never been drunk, I would rather have a few drinks, have a great night and not have a hang over the next morning.

9 . I am really shy when I first meet someone but when you know me I am really chatty.



10 . When I have ice-cream I always get mint chocolate chip!

11 . I am obsessed with candles, I love the way they can completely change the mood and atmosphere in an environment.

12 . I can’t go past Lush without going in, I love their products so much.

13 . If I need to relax in the evening I will run my relax a hot bubble bath.

13 . Christmas is my favourite time of the year!

14 . My favourite youtuber and blogger is Zoella. I have been watching her for years and love everything about her. Well worth checking out.

15 . I love sitting down and getting lost in a good book. When I’m on holiday I read books like they are going out of fashion.

16 . My favourite skincare brand is Liz Earle Skincare. All their ingredients are naturally active and give me beautiful glowing skin everyday.

17 . I love it when the leaves fall off the trees, it gets darker earlier, it means Christmas is coming and my house feels lovely and cosy.



18 . I love to bake on a weekend, my favourite baking book at the moment is Tanya Bakes by Tanya Burr.

19 . My favourite movie of all time is Avatar. When it first came out I watched it in 3D at the cinema and always watch it when it comes up on TV.

20 . I always have bruises on my legs, I bruise so easily.

21 . Sailing is one of my favourite things to do. I have my RYA Level 3 for Dinghy’s and I have done a few yacht holiday with my parents. It’s so much fun to push a sailing boat to its limits.

22 . I hate going and buying jeans. I can never find a pair that fit perfectly, as I am tall and slim, it’s a nightmare.

23 . On a wet windy day I like to snuggle up on the sofa and listen to the rain hitting the window, it completely relaxes me.

24 . I like my life and home to be organised, I get really stressed if not.

25 . My favourite high-end lipstick is the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Colour Lipshine in 54 Boy. It is a stunning nude with a hint if shimmer.


So there you go, now you know 25 new things about me. I hope you enjoyed this different type of blog post and hopefully you now all know me a little better. Let me know if you liked this sort of blog post and what you would like to see next.

Steph x



  1. August 22, 2016 / 8:07 pm

    I also rather not have a a hang over, congratulations on your engagement.

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