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Miero Affiliation

I was contacted by Miero about a month ago asking if I wanted to become an affiliate for them. I have never heard of the company but after a bit of research I decided to go for it and ordered myself a Miero Bracelet and here it is.


So lets start of with who Miero are.

“Mieroglyphs (Miero, LLC) is a cork-leather, products company that retails sustainably made, socially conscious bracelets and dog-collars.” They are an American brand who specialised is making vegan and either 50% or 100% (depending on the product) sustainable products that are amazing quality. There are two different types of bracelet and dog collars, depending on how sustainable you want them to be and the overall finish. You can either have a cork-leather bracelet, which is a very natural looking bracelet, or alternatively a cork-leather bracelet on the inside and recycled fabric on the outside. There are loads of different designs, colours and patterns made from the recycled fabric, with too many to choose from. Every bracelet comes with a magnetic clasp, with a choice of black, gold or silver.

One other point I wanted to mention before going through the bracelet I purchase, is every dog collar and bracelet comes with a message engraved on the inside. Each type of bracelet /dog collar has its own Miero stock quote on it, or you can choice to add your own quote to be engraved into your bracelet, for no extra cost. So lets take a look at the bracelet I chose.

I decided to go for the Rubix bracelet, which has the cork-leather on the inside and then a beauty tweed wove fabric design on the outside, with blues,grey and browns. I decided to chose this design as it was more on the neutral side and I felt this bracelet would go with any outfit. The bracelet also has a black magnetic clasp, which I actually really like and I feel it goes with the fabric design.


When the package arrived, after taking it out of the postage bag, it came in a really cute box with the bracelet inside of it. The bracelet has been made to a really high standard and it is so comfortable to wear. I ordered the size medium, which in hindsight I should have ordered a small as it is a bit too big on me. I found the size guide wasn’t completely correct. Even though it is a bit big it is still very comfortable to wear and I love it.


The rubix bracelet comes with the quote “Wisdom begins in wonder.” engraved in it and I decided to keep that quote and I really liked it. I love the fact that you can personalise the quotes in the bracelet, it allows you to choose what you see everyday when you put the bracelet on.

Another aspect of the bracelet I wanted to mention is the magnetic clasp. I was a bit skeptical of how well the magnets where going to work and how strong they were going to be, but I am impressed. The magnets are super strong, meaning that the bracelet wont fall off during the day at all and it’s really easy to put on. The only problem I have is taking it off at night but I’ve found a technique now. At the end of the day I’d rather have difficulty taking it off than it come loose all the time.


I wanted to share with you some outfits I have worn this bracelet with. I find pairing this bracelet with an outfit a breeze, the neutral colours means it will go with practically anything and I love that. I know that I will be wearing this all year round with loads of different outfits and jewerly. I love the fact you can layer the bracelet with other pieces to create a really pretty look.

If you want to check out this bracelet and many more than head over to the Mieroglyphs Website and use the code ‘SH10’ to receive 10% off every order you make. If you have any questions about the brand, products or the bracelet I purchased then comment down bellow. Hope you enjoyed todays blog, and thank you Miero for working with me.

Steph x


  1. September 17, 2016 / 7:23 pm

    This bracelets are adorable! Definitely gonna look into them 🙂

    • September 17, 2016 / 9:50 pm

      They are lovely and definitely worth checking out x

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