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My Autumn Makeup Products

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I am so excited it has finally arrived as I can start using some of these autumnal products, with some of them being new purchases. I decided to start off this week with a blog post about my favourite beauty pieces I can’t wait to use this autumn. So lets get into it.


Endless Gloves by Soap & Glory

My first item is a new purchase that I am super excited to try out, it is a hand cream from Soap & Glory. Endless Gloves is a 2 in 1 moisture mask and hand cream, which I find the concept of interesting. In the Autumn/winter months the weather becomes very cold and my hands tend to get very dry. I have never tried a hand mask before but it sounds like a brilliant idea and the hand cream smells lovely as well. Hand Food from Soap & Glory is one of my favourite hand creams so hopefully this one will be just as good, maybe even better than the original, lets see.


Tate by Nails Inc

Lincoln Park at Midnight by OPI

One way I love to pamper myself is to paint my nails whilst watching one of my favourite TV shows so I had to include two of my favourite autumn nail varnishes I can’t live without. Tate by Nails Inc is a lovely deep red, which I love so much and is also perfect for the Christmas months too. I love Nails Inc nail varnishes as they are easy to apply and will last a good week before you need to take it of.

The next nail varnish is by OPI and it is a beautiful deep purple with a shimmer running through it. I love the way this nail varnish looks completely different in certain lights. It is a very dark colour for me but in the sunlight it shimmers and looks very autumnal. OPI have some absolutely stunning nail varnishes that last on your nails and have a beautiful formulation.


Written in the Stars Lip Gloss by Fleur De Force

Kate Moss Demure Lipstick by Rimmel

Next I have two lip products that I love and feel would be beautiful in the autumn months. I love a good berry lip but I wanted to share with you some more neutral colours that can still look lovely in the autumn. The first lip product is a new purchase that I have worn loads since buying it, and its a lip gloss by Fleur De Force. I brought this on my last shopping spree from Feel Unique, blog post here, and I am so glad I picked it up. I’m normally not a fan of lip glosses but this is a gorgeours creamy texture that is a beautiful better than you lips colour. I am obsessed with the smell and how pretty the colour is, so it’s a must have in my autumn make up collection.

I have raved about Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade Demure before, blog post here, but I just love it so much. This is more of a darker nude, that I am so excited to start using more. I feel it is a more autumn colour for me, as throughout the summer I was wearing pinks a lot, so I am ready for some deeper colours. This lipstick gives a near matt finish, which I love, and does’t dry out you lips at all. The lipstick lasts throughout the day making it such a low maintenance lipstick to wear. I’m just in love with this lipstick and need to go and check out the rest of the range.


Beyond Flawless Palette by Makeup Revolution

My last beauty product is an eye shadow palette by Make up Revolution. I discovered this brand through ready peoples blog and decided I needed to go and check them out, I am so glad I did. my favourite palette is beyond Flawless and all the colours seems to be autumnal and I can’t wait to try loads of different looks throughout the autumn. I love the range of browns, coppers, bonzes and pinks in the palette and the pigment is amazing. You can blend the eye shadow to create some stunning looks and I am so excited to get loads of use out of this palette this Autumn. If you missed my blog post on this palette then click here.

So there are the beauty products I am most looking forward to this autumn and I am so excited to start wearing them all the time. What products have you now added to your make up bag? do we share any favourites? Thanks for ready this blog post and I hope you enjoyed it.

Steph x



  1. Boho Ndongo
    September 19, 2016 / 8:50 pm

    pretty pictures! love how everything is going together <3

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