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My Obsession with Bracelets

So today I wanted to share with you my favourite set of Bangles, which I was given for my 21st birthday. I absolutely love layering up bracelets, when accessorising an outfit, as I think it can look really pretty. I find Accessorize is one of my favourite places to buy jewelery and that’s were these bangles came from.


I had been looking around for the perfect set of bangles for ages and came across these ones last year, just before my birthday. I love the fact that this set has a mix of all different types of bracelets from chunky, to thread wrapped to very delicate pieces. There is also a mix of gold and silver bracelets, which look really pretty next to each other.

These bracelets run along the colour scheme of silver, gold, blue and greys, which I find really versatile depending on the look you are going for. I like to split the bracelets up and wear the gold and silvered bracelets separately.


Some bracelets are very simple and delicate , which I love. Sometime I just want a few plain bangles that are very plain and simple and other times to like a gold bracelet look. I love that fact that you only need one set of bangles to create a ton of different looks and completely change the look of an outfit.

To give you some example of how I like to pair these braceeltes, for a date night I normally will go with the very plain and simple silver bracelet as they look very classic and sophisicated. During the day with jeans and a checked shirt I love to wear the gold bracelets with blocks colour combined into them but also the thread wrapped ones. There are a ton of looks and I will upload some of those onto my Instagram so make sure you are following me.

Hoped you enjoyed this style of blog. I am going to add some fashion blog posts as I am so excited for the Auutmn fashion this year and I will also be doing an Auutmn Lookbook so keep your eyes pealed for that. Thanks for reading.

Steph x

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