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When I Need a Red Lip

If you didn’t already know then today is my birthday so I am uploading this post a bit earlier so I can spend the evening with my family. I will upload a birthday related blog post on Friday so watch out for that.

When it comes to lips I think a red lipstick is always an essential in your makeup bag. I usually don’t wear a red lip but sometimes I like to dig one out. When choosing a red lipstick there are lot of different undertones the reds can have. I will usually go for a pink undertone as it suits my fair skintone. I have two red lipstick that I love and want to share with you all. So grab a cuppa and enjoy.


My Little Box Rouge and levres: red/pink

When it comes to a red lip I will use this one a lot in the Autumn/Winter months as it is a bit more subtle than the very strong statement red lips. I absolutely love the formulation but also the finish of this lipstick. It is more of a “buildable” lip product depending on the look you are going for. If you want a very sheer red then just one layer will be perfect where as if you want a more intense red lip, then go for a second layer. Later on I have swatched the lipstick so you can see what I mean about the sheerness of the colour. I find this lipstick will last about half a day, but it wears off gradually which I love.


Ruby Tuesday (715) by Max Factor

This is a red lipstick I will usually wear on occasions or when I am feeling brave. I will ususaly stick to a subly lip or the other red lipstick I menitoned as it gives a much softer look. I really want to start wearing this lipstick more, now that Autumn is in full swing. I absolutely love the consistany, pigment and staying power of this lipstick. You only need one layer and you have a very bold but beautiful red lip and that really makes a statement. This lipstick has a lovely creamy formulation, which will stay on your lips all day, making it a winner for me. When I wear this lipstick it gives me loads of confidence, which we all need once in a while.


Left: Ruby Tuesday 715 by Max Factor  

Right: My Little Box Rouge and levres: red/pink

Here is a quick swatch of the two lipstick side by side. You can see how strong the Max Factor lipstick is but also how it still has that slight pinky undertone to it, which really suits my skin tone. The My Little Box lipstick is more of a sheer lipstick but with the ability to be built upon.

So there are my go to red lipstick that I cant live without. What are you favourite red lipstick? Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Steph x


  1. October 20, 2016 / 4:34 pm

    Both of these are so beautiful!! I really need to branch out and buy a red lipstick for the autumn/winter!! Great post lovely xx

    • October 20, 2016 / 4:51 pm

      Thank you, yeah I find when it comes to Autumn I bring out the red lip rather than a berry lip x

  2. October 20, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    I wish I could pull off a red lip !!

    • October 20, 2016 / 4:50 pm

      Have you tried a more sheer red lip rather than a bold statement lip? x

  3. January 1, 2017 / 10:56 am

    I love lipsticks! They just boost my confidence so much! Especially a red one! X

    • January 1, 2017 / 11:12 am

      I completely agree with you x

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