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I recently decided I wanted to start adding in some more products into my skincare routine. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I have been using Liz Earle skincare for years but I felt it was now time for a change. So I decided to try out some skincare products from Sanctuary Spa.


Radiance 1 Minute Flash Facial

I have fallen in love with this flash facial, it is so quick and easy to use. Normally with a face mask you have to leave it for at least 10 minutes for it to do its thing. Well this Flash Facial isn’t called flash for nothing. You literally apply this product to dry clean skin, add a few drops of water to your finger tips and massage it into your face. You then leave it for 1 minute and rinse it off. You then apply your moisturiser as normal. This product is supposed to boost and rejuvenate your skin so that you are left with instant glowing skin. I have to say this product really works and I am now using it about once a week. This flash facial has a weird texture but smells absolutely amazing, really fresh and orangey.


Radiance Revitalising Super Serum

This serum has been formulate to help reduce and appearance of uneven pigmentation and dark spots. After 4 weeks of using this product your skin should have a radiant complexion with its instant soft focus technology. I love the way the cream formulation applies to the skin and has the same scent as the flash facial. I have been using this product for about three weeks now and I am in love with this serum. I seem to always get spots on my chin and have been left with red marks but this serum has actually made them less obvious, which I am really impressed by. I have been using the serum every morning and evening, when I remember and I’m already noticing my skin glowing and slightly more even in tone. I can’t wait see what the results are like after another month.


Cleanse Warming Detox Charcoal Wash*

So I recently received this warming detox charcoal wash from Sanctuary Spa and have mixed feeling about it. I love the concept of this wash, the charcoal helps to clean and purify your skin, which sounds amazing. So this wash has three stages to it, first of all you massage the gel onto dry skin until it turns into an oil. You then massage a few drops of water onto your face so that the oil turns into a foam, you still with me. Then you rinse it off with warm water and pat your face dry. So to me this seemed like a bit of a long winded face wash but I gave it a go anyway. The first thing I noticed was the smell, which was very off putting for me. It has a very strong smell of carbon/fuel that is really intense and it ruined the product for me. If the smell was a lot less intense than in my opinion I would have preferred because once the product is on your face you can’t get away from the smell. I actually really enjoyed the process of this face wash but I would most probably only use it a few times a week as it takes a lot longer than my micellar water or Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

So there is some of the products from the Sanctuary Spa Skincare range that I have recently tried out. Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you have thought of them. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will see you again Friday.

Steph x

*PR sample, all opinions are my own

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