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My Current Face Masks

When the autumn/winter months start drawing in I always pull out the face masks that will help give my skin the extra boost. In the winter my skin starts to become dry around my ‘T’ zone and my skin becomes quite dull. So I have two favourite masks that I switch up  to make sure my skin it looking its best. So lets get into it.



Radiance 1 Minute Flash Facial by Sanctuary Spa

I have recently fallen in love with this product as it is an amazing quick facial that instantly make your skin glow and look healthier. The flash facial is really easy to use you just smooth the product over clean skin, add a few drops of water and massage the product to activate the ingredients. After a minute you wash it off and then apply your moisutiser as usual. I love the way this product feels so refreshing on your skin and it smell of oranges. I use this product once a week in the morning to give my skin a beautiful glow.


Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask by Liz Earle

As I mentioned at the beginning, I get really dry skin around my ‘T’ Zone when the weather gets colder and I have found this mask is amazing. This mask has been formulated as a thick cream that you generously layer over your face and neck. You then leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wipe off the residue with a warm muslin cloth. I love the way this product works and the results are instant. After the 15 minutes you can see which areas of you face are really dry because the product will have completely soaked into these areas. I normally find on my checks and chin there is still product left but everywhere else the product has soaked in. This product has a very subtle smell with loads of naturally active ingredients in it including: apricot kernel, rose scented geranium oils and comfrey extracts. I will usually use this face mask every two weeks or a month, depending on how dry and tight my skin is feeling.

So there are my two face masks that I will be using all winter. Let me know if you have tried any of the face masks yourself and what you think of them? What face masks are you currently loving. Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Steph x

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