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Alternative Advent Countdown

During the lead up to Christmas, a lot of people are on the hunt for the best advent calendar, whether it be beauty, chocolate, picture, but sometimes you want to have something that’s a bit different. I went to explore what other options there are for an advent countdown and I was so surprised with what I found. I decided to choose four of my favourite one and share them with you, perhaps giving you some inspiration if you are still stuck on what to do.

Advent Candles

A very simple way of counting down the days till Christmas is with a candle. There are two different ways you can do this with one being more religious that the other. A lot of retailers now sell advent candles, which are tall candles numbered from 1 to 24 down the candle. Every day you light the candle and burn it until it reaches the next number. You could burn the candle during your dinner or at some point during in the evening and bring some light into the room whilst counting down the days. It’s a very simple advent that you could even make yourself if you wanted.

The next idea is a wreath advent, which I use to do with my grandparents. A wreath advent is when you have a wreath with four candles in it and each candle represent a different part of Jesus’s birth. One the first Sunday of advent the first candle is lit then every Sunday an additional candle is lit till until they are all burning. If you are not religious then there’s no reason why you can use this either and you can even make this yourself at home.

Advent House


Notonthehighstreet.com Light up Advent Calendar House

If you want to fill your own advent then this is a brilliant idea. You can customise this house any way you like and then fill it up yourself. You could even fill this up for your other half or kids and watch their faces as they open a different draw each day. The boxes are quite small but you could fit a little treat inside. This advent calendar can also double up as a Christmas decoration with its little house seen above the boxes.

Photo Advent Calendar


Notonthehighstreet.com Personalised Photo Frame Advent Calendar

This is a lovely idea if you want an advent calendar that you can make very personalised. You could fill it up with photos of your year, major events with your other half, there are so many different possibilities. You can also make a photo advent calendar as a piece of bunting, and have it hanging on a wall.

If you are looking for an alternative advent decoration then hopefully this gave you a few ideas but there are loads more out there. Let me know if you have any other ideas bellow, I would love to know. Make sure to follow my blog as I will be posting every day from now till Christmas eve for Blogmas.

Merry Christmas, Steph x

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