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Christmas Jumpers

Everyone loves wearing Christmas jumpers at this time of the year, and yesterday was National Christmas Jumper day! As there are so many different jumpers to choose from I thought I would share with you a variety of different Christmas jumpers to show that there is always something for everyone.

Christmas Print Sweatshirt by George ASDA

Christmas Light up Rudolph Jumper by George ASDA

This is a lovely jumper that has a range of different things we think of when Christmas comes around. It is a lovely design that could be worn without bringing much attention to yourself. This jumper also has a brushed lining making it soft on your skin and is only £12.

If you are looking for a fun Christmas jumper to wear then this one is for you. This Christmas Jumper is really cute with Rudolph on the front and his nose also lights up. This is the sort of jumper you could wear out to a Christmas party, as you have the fun element to it. This is really well priced at just £16.

Hollie Reindeer & Snowflake Christmas Jumper by Boohoo

This is a twist on the conventional Christmas jumper, which would normally be white and red. I really like the way this jumper has snowflakes and reindeer on it but the pattern is in black and white meaning you could wear this to work, for a smart/casual look. This is a lovely knitted jumper that has a Christmasy feel to it at only £15.

Beaded Fairisle Polo Neck Jumper by Marks and Spencer

Navy Novelty Penguin Sweater by Next

I love these two jumpers as they can be worn at Christmas but also during the winter months too. Starting off with the Beaded Fairisle jumper, which is a lovely simple jumper that can be worn to work, on an evening out or even on Christmas day. This jumper is made from acrylic and wool and costs £39.50.

The final jumper is from next and it is a lovely number. This jumper could be worn all year round but has a Christmasy feeling with the cute penguin on the front. This jumper is made from acrylic and nylon and costs £28. I have just bought this jumper and am in love with it.

So there are my top 5 Christmas Jumpers that I think are really lovely and some can even be worn after the Christmas period. Hopefully, if you are stuck on what type of Christmas jumper to choose then you this will help you decide.

Merry Christmas, Steph x


  1. thatswhatsupblogger
    December 18, 2016 / 1:31 am

    I love that through blogging, I’ve learned that people from England (and Australia?) call sweaters jumpers! O

    • December 18, 2016 / 10:52 am

      yes it’s really interesting. I use to live in America and it was so cool how certain words are said differently x

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