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Wedding Themes / Colour Schemes

Choosing your wedding theme and colour scheme can very daunting but also a very important decision during your wedding period. I thought I would break this blog post into two sections and explore both themes and colour schemes in a bit more detail to help any of you who may be stuck or need some inspiration.

Wedding Themes

What is a wedding theme

A wedding theme is a way of making your wedding have an overall look/feel that makes it look complete. To give you a few examples of wedding themes here are a few: Rustic, Vintage, Beach, 60’s style, and traditional. There are so many different themes to choose from and a number of websites, like Pinterest, can show you different ways to create these looks. Your theme can then be incorporated throughout your wedding from the wedding dress style to the decorations, invites and flowers.

Where do I start

When you initially start thinking about a wedding theme and coming up with a few ideas it can be quite difficult to start the whole process. Some people will know from the beginning what they want to do, whereas others, like me, will struggle and need some inspiration. A great start is Pinterest as you can type in themed wedding and it comes up with hundreds of different themes for weddings, giving you a great source of inspiration.  Don’t forget sometimes the theme can come from the venue you choose, and you can link it further using a colour scheme.

How you Wedding venue could influence it

When choosing your wedding venue it’s a good idea to have you wedding theme in mind or you can choose your wedding theme around the venue. We have chosen a castle for our wedding venue, so we are going down the whimsical/romantic theme as it fits perfectly with the location. If you choose a barn then maybe a rustic theme would be a lovely match. If you are really stuck then your venue can give you an idea of which direction to take and Pinterest could become you new best friend.

It’s ok to change your mind

Don’t think that once you have chosen a theme you have to stick to it. If you feel that you want to change the theme slightly that is fine.


Colour Schemes

How to go about choosing you colours

Once you have your theme sorted then you can start going about choosing your colour scheme. You may choose to have one colour running through the wedding or you may choose a combination of colours that all compliment each other. This may change throughout your wedding planning but once you have the bridesmaid dresses and flowers done you should have your colour scheme set.

Think about the season you are getting married

The season you are getting married in could influence your colour scheme if you wanted. For example, if you are having a winter wedding why not think about a navy colour scheme or a summer wedding could be pinks/blues/purples. Pinterest would be a great source of inspiration for seasonal colours if you are stuck for ideas.

A few examples

I have taken these two mood boards as an example from Pinterest and they give you a lovely idea of how you can run your colour scheme through all the different elements of the wedding. It also shows you how you can have a blue colour scheme but it doesn’t have to be the same hue of blue, allowing for a lovely mix of blues.

If you are currently choosing your wedding theme and/or colour scheme then hopefully this gave you some inspiration and ideas on how to make your decision. If you have any question then leave them down bellow and I’ll answer them for you. Why not take a look at the rest of the blog post in this wedding series and follow me to get notifications when my new ones are published. Have a lovely rest of your day and see you soon.

Steph x



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