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Scenting Your Home

If you are looking to change the atmosphere or mood in your house then using a candle or a diffuser is a great way to do this. I recently picked up a gift set from Sanctuary Spa which includes a candle, diffusers as well as a room spray. I thought I would go through the set and show you how you could use each product in your house, to make it smell amazing.



Starting off with a diffuser, which I have only recently started using. Diffusers are a great way to continually scenting your house without having to think about it. This diffuser has reeds in it, which you need to turn over every week, but will last a couple of months. I really like the way a reed diffuser will continually let off a scent, which you can smell as you walk through the door. The bottle also looks really nice placed on a shelf or maybe a surface that needs a little something on it.

You could use a diffuser wherever you like in the house, a lot of people like to put them in the bathroom. Another place you could have it is in the hallway, then when you enter the house you are greeted with a lovely scent. You could overwise have different diffusers spread around the house so you have different scents in different rooms.



Candles are a great way to quickly scent you home but also provide a lovely atmosphere in a room. Candles can quickly fill your room with a lovely scent and there is something lovely about watching a candle burn. This sanctuary candle has a lovely spa smell to it which is so comforting but also relaxing. Candles can be used wherever you like in the house as long as you have a heat protected surface underneath them and you don’t leave them unattended. I love burning candles in the sitting room as well as bedrooms, it’s amazing how much a candle can completely transform how you feel. I love burning lavender candles when I want to relax or fruity scents during the summer to add a fresh scent to the house.

Room Spray

Room Sprays are great to have around the house when you need to instantly scent your house without having to light anything. Room Sprays are great for the bathroom and your bedroom. If I need a really good nights sleep then a few sprays of this around the room and the lavender scent will take me away, it’s amazing. You only need a few sprays and your whole room will smell amazing.

Hopefully this blog post will help you if you are currently a bit stuck on how to scent your home and transform where you are living. It’s amazing how much scenting your house really changed your mood and the atmosphere you are creating there.

If you missed Wednesday’s blog post all about my favourite 2016 beauty product then why not take a look and I will see you on Monday for another wedding related blog post. Have a lovely weekend.

Steph x

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