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The style of photographs you want

Before choosing your photographer it is good to have an idea of what style of photographs you want taken. Are you looking for the formal photographs of all your family members, similar to the photographs you parents had? Maybe you want more relaxed photographs that look more natural? Another option is to have a mixture of both, having your formal group photos and then others a little more relaxed and natural. A lot of photographers will be able to do both styles but they will normally specialise on one certain aspect of photography.

Wedding Venue Vendors

A lot of wedding venues will have a list of trusted vendors that they give out to their couples. This list will normally have a few photographers that know the venue including the best ways to deliver amazing photographs. The advantage of having a photographer who know your venue is they will know the staff, and the best spots to take amazing photographs, giving you the best possible selection of your wedding day.

Look at the photographer’s portfolio

Most photographers will have a website, which will have a gallery of photographs from previous events. A lot of them will have a section designated to weddings and you will be able to tell you what sort of photographs they can take. Looking at different photographers websites will also give you something to compare to help you decide who you want to contact.

Arrange a meeting

Once you have found some photographers that you like the look of then its worth emailing them to see if they are available on your wedding date and if they do the style of photographs you are looking for. Once you know they are exactly what you are looking for then arrange a meeting. This will allow you to have a chat with them, see more of their portfolio and also ask them any questions you have. By meeting them you also get a feel of what they will be like on the day, you don’t want someone who is going be very flustered on the day. 

Richmond Park, Engagement shoot

What questions to ask:

How many photographers do you have on the day

(A lot of wedding photographers will have two people; either two photographs or one photographer and an assistant to help with lighting and arrange the bride’s dress. It depends on what you are looking for.)

How long will you be working for? 

(if you are getting ready at the venue then you may want the photographer there in the morning to take photos and then have time to stay until the first dance.)

Do you require lunch?

(if the photographer is working from 11am – 7pm then they might require lunch. Wedding caterers tend to have a set meal for wedding vendors, which is also cheaper then your guests meals.)

What packages do you have, how much are they?

(photographers will always have there own packages and it will differ from photographer to photographer. Some photographs will throw in a photo album and printed photographs where as others will have them all as add ons.

Do you do engagement photo shoots

(our photographer included an engagement photo shoot in our package, which was amazing. It gave us a great opportunity to see what he is like and also the photographs he takes, which were stunning.)
If you are currently in the process of finding you wedding photographer then hopefully this has helped you. If you missed my Wedding Themes / Colour Schemes blog post from last Monday then go take a look now. See you on Monday for another wedding realted blog post. 
Steph x

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