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Choosing who you want as your caterer for your wedding can be a really exciting but nerve-wracking process, as you don’t want to get it wrong. If you are lucky enough to have catering included in your venue then this process will be a lot easier for you. Some venues don’t include catering in which case you will need to do a bit of research before choosing who to go with. In either case, there are a few important question that will help make your decision easier so you don’t regret the choice you made.


Catering include with your wedding venue

Do you have to stick with venue caterers?

When a venue provides caterers you need to see what terms and condition come with it. Some venues will say you can only use their caterers, meaning you can’t bring your own food or drinks. Others may be more flexible allowing you to bring in your own evening food and drinks. It’s good to know where you stand before committing to using them on your wedding day.

What is the menu like, do you have customizable options?

Some caterers have a very limited menu with a few options for each course, which some people like, as there is not much deciding to do. Other people like the flexibility of have a lot more meals to choose from. Our wedding caterers have four different packages to choose from with lots of options for each course. This means we can choose exactly what we want without being constrained by a limited choice. Remember to ask if they have a secret or customizable menu, some caterers will be happy to provide almost any food you wish (For the right price of course).

Can you have a taste?

Tasting events are a brilliant way of being able to try out some of the dishes from the menu and also see what the service is like. When we went to ours, they had set it up just like a real wedding so you arrived and were offered canapes and reception drinks. You were then called for dinner where they served your meals as if it was a wedding. there was also a table full of wine so you could try out different wines with a wine specialist. There were a lot of other Brides and Groom’s there which made it a really fun evening and also gave us an insight into how amazing the food will be on the big day.


Catering not include with your wedding venue

Wedding Venue’s recommended vendors?

Most wedding venues will have a list of trusted vendors that they hand out to their couples when you enquire. It’s worth asking if they have a list of trusted vendors, as these will be companies they have used before and therefore recommend. They will always deliver an excellent service on your special day, as all vendors want to stay on that special list. If they do have a list them contact the caterers in the area and arrange a meeting so you can discuss what you are looking for. Finally, consider vendors that are not on the list, they may be better priced and sometimes throw in special deals. This is because they will all want to be on that recommended vendors list!

Look on wedding supplier websites

There are loads of website that have a huge variety of wedding suppliers on them. The main site I have used is Wedding Planner as it covers everything from wedding supplier to checklists for effective wedding planning. These sites have a huge variety of different suppliers including caterers. On a few of these website people also leave their reviews so you can see what the bride and groom actually thought of them.

I hope this has given you a little insight into a very important and critical part of your wedding. Generally, guests will always need food, so I hope I have broken down how you could get that lovely food to make your wedding day even more special! More posts on wedding vendors coming soon, so make sure to return for a new wedding post every Monday.

Steph x


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