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Veils & Bridal Accessories

Once you have bought your wedding dress it’s then time to think about bridal accessories, if you haven’t already bought them with your wedding dress. Choosing which bridal accessories you want to wear on the day can be difficult to decided on and might take a while to find exactly what you are looking for, so let’s go through it.


The big question everyone will ask is are you wearing a veil or not. Traditionally brides would have always worn a veil and also have had it over there face too. Nowadays a lot of brides choose to wear a veil, not over there face, or decided to go without one completely. There is a huge variety of veil to choose from with different style, colours and lengths available so I can get quite confusing.

One piece of advice I have is to try the veils on with your dress, that way you can see which one works best with the dress. If you have quite a plain dress then you might like to go for a more intricate veil with lace or some sparkle to it. If you dress is quite intricate then maybe a simple or ribbon edge would compliment the dress more. You then have the decision of what length veil you want.These are all decisions that will be made easier by trying the dress and veil on together. Just remember a veil can take up to 4 weeks to be made.

When you choose your veil you also have the option of either having a plain comb or having a comb with some detail on it. If you want the option of having the veil over your face then a plain comb would work best. If you don’t want the veil over your face then have a more detailed comb would look lovely.

Hair Accessories

If you are choosing not to wear a veil then there are other accessories you can put in your hair instead to add a wow factor.


The first is an embellished comb that can be slide into an updo. There are so many different style and size to choose from and can look absolutely gorgeous. You could maybe ask in your family to see if someone have one you could borrow, to carry on the tradition of something old, something new, somthing borrowed and something blue.


If you are looking at having a more whimsical or beach theme to your wedding then why not look at having a flower crown instead of a veil or comb. Flower crowns look absolutely love especially if you are going for a long flowing dress with not a lot of detail on it. There are so many options on what you can have incorporated into a flower crown and your florist will be able to give you some options and ideas. If you don’t want a full crown then you could have flowers incorporated into a plait or updo to add that softness and relaxed feel.

Theses are just a few ideas of how you can accessorise your hair on your wedding day. I will be doing a blog post in the near future on different hairstyle that will compliment your style of dress and also your wedding theme so keep an eye out for that. I am really enjoying writing this wedding planning series and hope you all enjoying reading them. Have a lovely evening.

Steph x

* Photographs from Pintrest


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