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My Hair Must Haves

I find in the winter my hair can become a bit a bit dry and sometimes unmanageable so I thought I would share with you three products I now can’t live without. I normally wash my hair every other day as my roots get quite greasy by the second day. I am currently trying a new detox shampoo once a week to try and get my hair to last longer, I’ll let you know if it works. So let’s get into my three must have hair products.


Travel Tangle Teezer

I naturally have fine hair so always thought a Tangle Teezer wouldn’t be worth investing in as my hair never gets knotty, but I was so wrong. I tried the Tangle Teezer out for the first time in December and have been using it ever since. I normally use it after having a shower as it makes brushes wet hair easier and with a normal brush I find a lot of my hair is pulled out. I also love that this Tangle Teezer is the travel edition so it comes with a cover over the bristles, which is genius. It the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand, making brushing your hair more enjoyable and I also think better for your hair too.

Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer

I find during the winter the ends of my hair can become quite dry and fizzy, which I hate. I   have tried lot of different conditioners and masks but nothing works as well as this product. All you do is wet you hair, apply this product through the ends of you hair and massage it in, put your hair in a shower cap and leave it for 20 mins. Once 20 minutes are up you wash it out and shampoo as normal. The results are amazing, my hair was instantly soft and silky even after letting my hair dry naturally. I love the way the results last for about 10 days meaning I only need use this product twice a month. If you suffer from dry, unmanageable, fragile, coloured hair then try this product out, it has completely changed my hair.


Vo5 Heat Protector Styling Spray

I’m really bad with getting my haircut and normally go every 6 months. One of the reasons my hair lasts that long is I never get split ends and one of the reasons for this is using heat protector. I will occasionally use the hair dryer or my GHD’s but when I do I also make sure I use heat protector as it really makes a difference. There are so many heat protector sprays out there but this is one I have been using for years. I love the fruity smell of it and also the fact it doesn’t make my hair greasy. I find spraying the product into my hands and then disputing it evenly through my hair is the best way for me.

What are you hair must haves? If you are looking for some new hair products to try out then I reccomend trying these, they are all amazing. Everyone wants lovely healthy looking hair so sometimes trying out new products are well worth it. Let me know if you do buy any of these products and what you think of them, I would love to know. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Steph x

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