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The Wonders of Flowers

Choosing your florist comes with a whole host of excitement and questions. What style bouquet are you looking for? Do you want seasonal flowers? What floral arrangements do you want on the table? so to make it a bit easier to understand I am going to split it into two blog posts. Today’s blog post is going to be all about your bouquet, including style and overall look you can create using flowers and foliage. Next week’s blog post will be all about your ceremony flowers and floral arrangments for your wedding breakfast.

Style of flowers

There are lots of different styles to choose from when looking at your wedding flowers. By this point in the wedding planning, you should have your venue and dress sorted as these two things will help influence the choice of flowers you use. Having a good idea of your wedding theme/colour scheme will also help the florist get an idea of what sort of wedding you are having. One tip I have is to create a Pinterest board or print out some photographs of styles of bouquets you like as a starting point on the day. This may help your florist.

Structured Bouquet

If you want to go for that more traditional look then having a very structured bouquet will compliment your theme. A structured bouquet will be domed in shape and will have the stems either completely wrapped or only showing the very bottom of the stems. Flower wise you could use whatever you like. Traditionally you would have roses incorporated into your bouquet with very little foliage. The colour of you flowers will be chosen depending on  your colour scheme and the colour of your dress.

Relaxed/Whimsical bouquet

If you are wanting more of a relaxed feeling to your bouquet then why not look at incorporating lavender, Anthriscus sylvestris (cow parsley) or some foliage to your bouquet. This will allow your bouquet to look less round and have more of a whimsical look. I really like this style of bouquet as you can add in some roses to still give it a sense of tradition. This style of bouquet will also allow you to use more subtle and delicate flowers like  Anthriscus sylvestris (cow parsley) or daisies if you want.

Brightly Coloured / English Garden Bouquet

If you having a summer wedding and want to add a real pop of colour then going for a brightly coloured bouquet would look gorgeous. If you have decided to have bridesmaids all wearing different colours then you could bring all those colours into the bouquets so it all flows together. On the other hand, you might want to have very subtle coloured dresses to make the bright coloured bouquets stand out more. Lots of different options to play around with if you like this idea.

You may have chosen to get married in a barn or country house and want to take the wedding flowers and theme in the opposite direction, so how abut looking at an English garden. The bouquet above, on the right, has been made from flowers and foliage you can find in an English garden. This bouquet has a very relaxed and rustic feeling to it, which I really like. It’s a very natural looking bouquet that would look stunning in a whimsical themed wedding.

There are so many choices to be made and you will find your flowers will be one of the key pieces to draw the whole theme and overall look of the wedding together. Remember to come back next Monday for part 2 of the blog post all about floral table arrangements and ceremony flowers. If you have any other question then write them bellow and I’ll answer them for you next week. Have a lovely week and see you soon.

Steph x

* Photographs are from Pintrest


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