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Bridesmaids Accessories

Once you have your bridesmaid dresses sorted and bought its time to think about their accessories. There are two ways to go around choosing accessories and your budget will have a say in this. There are lots of different ways to purchase accessories and it will all depend on your budget and if your bridesmaids don’t mind paying for parts of their outfit. Regardless of who’s paying, your bridesmaids will look to you for inspiration of what you want them to wear.

I’ve broken this blog post into three sections; Hair Accessories, Jewellery and Shoes. So let’s take a look.


Choosing the right shoes is really important especially if the bridesmaids are wearing short dresses as the shoes will be on show. You may find the style of shoe you want them to wear will depend on the theme, time of year and style of their dress. I have chosen some more relaxed summery shoes and some more formal closed toes shoes to give you an idea of how to pair them with you chosen dresses.

If you are having a summer wedding and the dresses are quite floaty or with little structure to them, then these two shoes above would be perfect. You can get some really gorgeous sandals, that still look smart, but give the dresses that summery feel. If the dresses are short or you want something a bit more formal than why not look at an open shoe strappy heel. These look amazing with long and short dresses and are still less formal than the next set of shoes.

If you bridesmaid dresses are more formal and fitted then a more structured formal style of shoe will look better. One classic formal shoe, that would look amazing with any dress, is the court shoes. Court shoes have a very elegant style with its very flattering shape and certainly compliment a dress. If you bridesmaids prefer flat shoes instead then a trusty plain ballet pump will go down a treat. A new style of shoe I absolutely love is the ballet style ballet pumps. It’s a lovely twist on a classic ballet pump.


Jewellery is a lovely way to bring an outfit together and can also be a nice way to make the maid of honour stand out from the rest. If you have a high-necked dress or a very embellished dress then you might find having a very simple bracelet and earrings can go a long way. If you have chosen very plain dresses with a lower neckline then you could go for a more statement necklace to really give the outfit a wow factor.

Another way to do jewellery for your bridesmaids is to incorporate a bracelet or earings into their thank you present. This way you could give them the present just before getting ready on your wedding day and they can then wear it with pride that day. This also allows you to choose jewellery for them to wear and then they have a reminder of the day from you.

Hair Accessories


There are so many accessories you can place in your hair to add a focal point at the back of your head. There are loads of beautifully embellished combs that can be slotted into a bun or updo, that add a lovely elegance to a simple updo. If you are looking for softer accessories then why not look at a floral headpiece, it doesn’t have to be made out of real flowers. These flowers can then tie into the bridesmaids bouquet and the rest of the wedding flowers.

In a few weeks I will be going through hair and makeup for the Bride and bridesmaids, so keep an eye out for that. One tip I have for bridesmaid shoes is find something they will wear again otherwise it seems a bit of a waste to just wear them for one day. Hopefully this has given you lots of ideas that you can discuss with your bridesmaids. Have fun planning your wedding and if you have any questions then ask away. Have a lovely week.

Steph x

*Photography is from Pintrest

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