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Suited and Booted

The Groomsmen suits are just as important as getting your Bridesmaid outfits right. I never realised how many different styles and colours to choose from. There are a few different things to keep in mind when choosing your suits so I have broken it down into a few sections to make it easier. Remember to share this with your partner, it will give him a starting point when looking for suits.

Style of Suit

Once you have chosen your Groomsmen, and you are about 6 months away from your wedding day, its time to start looking and trying on suits. Choosing what style of suit you want can take a while as there are a lot of decisions to be made. It’s a lot easier if by this stage the Bridesmaid dresses and colour theme have been chosen as it will give you something to start off with.

If you are going for a formal wedding look then you might want to go for a morning suit, (left photograph), or a standard length/style of jacket with matching trousers, (right photograph). Traditionally the Groomsmen would have worn a morning suit as it is something a bit different from the stand suit cut. One thing to remember as a Groom is to choose a style and colour of suit that your love, don’t choose one to please everyone else, make yourself comfortable and feel 100% confident in it, after all it’s your big day.

Morning Suit

Many grooms still choose to go for this style, as it is probably one of your only chances to wear one, and it’s your time to shine. There are various variants to morning suits, including 1/2 length and 3/4 length tails, I recommend you look at options offered by your local tailors. A morning suit consists of a tail section in the back of the jacket, with a slit at the back dividing it into 2, and a high front so you can see more of the waistcoat underneath. The trousers are usually pinstriped to and are a slightly different cut to a classic suit trouser. When choosing the waistcoat its good to have an idea of what colour cravat/tie you have in mind as you want these to compliment each other. The morning suit is such classic look that you will most probably only wear once in your life so why not give it a shot and see how you look.

Classic Suit

If you don’t want something as bold as a morning suit or are worried you aren’t tall enough to pull off the tails then why not look at classic suit, which has a  jacket that is the same length all the way round. This is still a very classic look and sometimes suits the groom better. With a classic suit, you have more choice of colours and you can have matching jacket and trousers. With a classic suit, you normally wear a tie as it is not as formal as a morning suite but a cravat can be worn.

Semi Causal Look

If you having a beach, destination or a much more relaxed wedding then maybe you want an outfit that is much more casual in style. A casual look may consist of suit trousers with a crisp white shirt all round and then have the Groom with a smart/casual jacket, so he stands out. This can be topped up with a colourful tie, bow tie or braces, and is commonly found in relaxed American weddings. If you are having a beach wedding then do you need to wear shoes, why not roll up your trousers and feel the sand between your toes.

Buy or Rent

One of the first decision that you will need to make is, do you want to hire the suits or buy them. If you are going for a standard style of suit that you will use again for work them maybe it’s worth purchasing, whereas if you are wearing a morning suit are you going to wear it again? Cost can also be a factor to consider, hire suits for your whole groomsmen (include the father of the Bride and Groom) will usually be a lot cheaper than buying each individual suit. At the end of the day, your decision will most probably be made with the budget and how much you will be wearing it after the wedding in mind.

Hopefully, this will give you and your partner a better understand of what different styles of suits there are to choose from. When it comes to the tie/cravat and pocket square try and get a colour that will either match or compliment your colour scheme and maybe even the bridesmaid outfits. If you have just started

If you have just started planning your wedding then why not look back at my previous blog posts as I have started right from the beginning of how to plan your wedding. If there is anything in specific you want me to talk about in a blog post then let me know.

Have a lovely rest of your week

Steph x

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