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Tip on Making Your Make-up Last

Everyone want their makeup to last whether it’s for a night out or maybe your wedding day. Over the past couple of months I have picked up some makeup products that really help your makeup last the whole day, whilst giving you a flawless makeup look. So here are a few things I have learnt over the past year.

Your Skincare Routine

For your makeup to look flawless and really last you need to think about what products you are using in your skincare routine. Having a good cleanser/face wash really helps to cleanse your skin of any oils and dirt on your skin. Once you have cleansed then maybe think about using a serum that targets your problem area. If you have quite dull skin then maybe try a brightening or illuminating serum to give your skin a little boost. T hen look at you moisturiser, as this will hydrate your skin allowing for a great base for your makeup. I usually do my skincare routine about 15-20 minutes before applying my makeup to ensure everything has sunk into my skin first.



If you haven’t used a primer before then you need to give it ago, it’s a makeup game changer. When you apply a primer it helps to control the oils in your skin, blur any imperfections you have and allow you to apply your foundation more evenly. So what’s the difference between Silicon and water-based Primers? Silicone primers are great for oily/combination skin as it will really smooth but also mattify your skin, leaving you skin literally feeling like silk. Where as if you have dry skin then you should go for a water based primer as its a bit thicker in consistency and feels more like a cream. Water based primer tend to be hydrating, which is great for those dry problem areas.

I personally love using a water-based primer as I sometimes get dry patches on my T-zone. My personal favourite is the Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer, if feels like your putting on a moisturiser but leaves your skin feeling so soft and my makeup glides on after using this product.

Translucent powder

Once you have applied your base makeup (foundation, contour, blush & highlighter) you should then set it with a setting powder. If you want quite a natural look or want a setting power with no colour then the translucent ones are the best. You can either use it all over your face or just on your t-zone (forehead and nose) and also your chin to help prevent shine on these areas. Once thing to keep in mine is the finer mill of the powder is then less cakey/powdery it will look. If you are looking for a great high street setting powder the take a look at the  Rimmel Stay Matte.


Fixing/Setting Spray

I have only started using a setting spray in the last month or so, as I am currently working out my wedding makeup, and am amazed at how much longer my makeup lasts when using one. Fixing sprays help to stop your makeup from smudging or fading whilst controlling the oils and keeping your skin look beautiful all day. There are so many fixing sprays out there ranging from high street up to high-end brands and they all target different looks and skin types.

I personally love the Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray as it makes my makeup look flawless, whilst still having a natural look. It helps to get rid of the powdery look, control shiny areas through at the day and making you makeup lasting hours longer, all for just £5.

So there are a few things I have learnt over the past years and a little sneak peep into some of the products I can’t live without when I need makeup that lasts right up to the moment I take it off. Let me know what you must have products are for makeup longevity and I will see you again very soon.

Have a lovely weekend!

Steph x



  1. keepitshortandsweet
    April 28, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    Thank you for the tips. I currently use MAC setting spray but I’m going to give the one you suggested a try!

    • April 29, 2017 / 8:02 am

      Your welcome, let me know what you think of it x

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