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Have Your Cake and Eat it

Choosing what style of wedding cake you want can be quite daunting, with the amount of different styles and price. To start it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different styles, if you are unsure of which style to choose, so you can then both work out what style you do and don’t like.

If you are trying to save some money on your cake then why not take a look at Waitrose or Marks and Spencers pre-made wedding cakes, they are a lot cheaper than getting one made in a cake shop. For flowers and foliage you could always look into silk flowers if you are worried about real flowers wilting or if you are putting the cake together and want to have it all ready the day before the wedding.

So let’s take a look at some different styles of wedding cakes and some alternatives you could choose.

Simple tiered cake

If you are looking for a very simple cake then why not look at plain iced cakes that have been decorate with ribbon, flowers or even foliage. This is a very simplistic look that is very elegant and sophisticated. If you are trying to save some money then you can buy pre-made undecorated tiered cakes at Waitrose & Marks and Spencer. You can easily personalise these cakes with flowers, in your wedding colour, or even a lovely cake topper.

Naked Cake

naked cake

In the past year naked cakes have become really popular for a wedding cake. If you are having a more relaxed, whimsical wedding then going for a naked cake would fit perfectly with your theme. I love the way a naked cake can be left plain and still have an impact. You could also dust the cake with icing sugar or decorate it with flowers, berries  or foliage if you wanted to add a bigger wow factor to it.

Foil & Patterned wedding cake

There are so many amazing creations for wedding cakes and the ones above really caught my eye. If you are looking for a wedding cake that is a bit different and a lot more creative in the design then take a look at these. There are so many different avenues you could go down: engraved icing, metallic edible foil wrap, painted icing, marble effect, intricate designs made from icing. Have a look at Pinterest for inspiration and also look at different cake shops portfolios to see what they have created before.

Alternative Wedding CakeS

Maybe you don’t want to have a cake and are looking for an alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake, well there are lots of alternative to choose from. You could choose from:

  • Cheese Wedding Cake
  • Tower of Cupcakes
  • Tower of Macaroons
  • Stacked Brownies
  • Individual Biscuits
  • Tower of Doughnuts

There are so many different options to choose from, if you can’t decided on one then why not go for a couple. If you still want to be able to ‘cut the cake’ then why not have a small cake at the top of your chosen stacked food so you still can cut the cake.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of where to start looking when choosing your wedding cake. There are so many different options and style you can choose from so go have fun choosing.

Steph x


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