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Curly Hairstyle Products

Since getting my hair cut into a bob I decided to pick up a few products to style my hair. I love wearing my hair curly but have never managed to get the curls to stay until now, so read on to see which products I picked up.


TRESemme Make Waves Creative Hairspray

This hairspray is amazing for holding your curls all day without making your hair feel crispy, like a lot of heavy duty hairsprays do. I really like that it’s lightweight, meaning the curls don’t start to drop after a few hours due to the weight of the hairspray. I was also pleasantly surprised with how nice this hairspray smelt. The hairspray also didn’t go straight to the back of my throat like other brands I have tried. Overall I found this hairspray was a fine mist that held your curls in place all day but allowed them to drop out a little making them look more natural as the day went on.


TRESemme Max the Volume Creative Hairspray

Getting volume into my hair has always been a problem as I have fine hair with light waves. Comparing this hairspray to the Make Waves Creative Hairspray I would say this one is a bit more heavy duty with a lot more hold. I love adding a bit of this hairspray to finish a curly look, it adds a bit more bounce and volume to my hair. One bit of advice is don’t spray too much of the hairspray otherwise it can go a bit crispy, so less is more.


Co Lab Dry Shampoo in Fresh

I can sometimes find my hair needs a bit of a refresh between washes but having to use a dry shampoo that leaves you hair looking white a powdery isn’t pleasant, so I was so happy when I found this product. I had heard lots of great things about Co Lab before but had never tried any of their products out, so I decided to give them ago. I love the way this dry shampoo can be used to freshen up your hair, helps add some texture to your looks and it also smells amazing too!┬áSometimes I’ll curl my hair and then spray some of this onto my roots to add some volume and make my curls look a bit more natural. If you have fine hair like me then this product is amazing for giving you hair that extra volume and fullness it’s lacking.

If you’re on the market for some new hair products then definitely give these a go. Let me know what you favorite hair products are for styling curly hair, I would love to know. Have a lovely weekend!

Steph x

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