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In Flight Beauty Essentials

I love going abroad on holidays and deciding what to take with me. I always have my trusty beauty products that go in my hand luggage, so I thought I would share them with you.


Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic

I find that flights tend to dry out my skin so having a skin tonic on hand is great for a quick refresh during or after a flight. I love the Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic as you just spray it straight onto your face and instantly look refreshed and dewy. This product also has a very subtle natural smell which I find so comforting.

L’Occitane Light Comforting Cream

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to apply some moisturiser to your face, especially if you are on a long haul flight and your skin is starting to feel a bit dry and irritated. I have currently been using the Comforting Cream by L’Occitane in Light and have been loving it. The face cream has 5% shea butter and is a beautiful light consistency, which is perfect for going away. I love that this cream is soaked up by my skin in seconds and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated, perfect for when you’re stuck on a plane.

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

I love having a perfume on hand and my favourite brand has to be Jo Malone, their fragrances are to die for. I decided to take the English Pear & freesia with me but my all time favourite has to be Peony & Blush Suede. After a long flight, I love spritzing a bit of perfume, it makes me feel human again and smells amazing. I always take either a travel size bottle or this time I have a small sample bottle which is a perfect size for a trip away.


Elemis Revitalise-Me Hand & Body Lotion

It’s always nice to have a hand cream with you, even on a day to day basis, you never know when you going to need it. I recently went to a hotel that had Elemis products in the bathrooms so I saved this hand & body lotion for my next holiday. I am obsessed with this range by Elemis it literally smells like a spa in a bottle. I love that this product is for hand & body so I will be using whilst on holiday as a body cream too. This product has a lovely thick consistency which sinks in quickly and really helps to hydrate dry skin.

L’Occitane 100% Shea Butter

My lips always get chapped on holiday and especially on planes, so having a lip balm is essential. I have tried loads of lip balms in the past but always find they never fully get rid of chapped lips, except for the body shop lip balms they are amazing. So I decided to give 100% shea butter a go. Shea butter is a great ingredient that really helps to moisturize and get rid of very dry areas on your body, but I love using it on my lips. The shea butter is quite a thick consistency that melts on your lips leaving them feeling hydrated and soft hours after applying it.


Clinique Chubby Stick in 06 Woppin’ Watermelon

I love having a lipstick, or clubby stick in this case, in my hand luggage on a flight as it’s a great way of making your self feel more put together without having to do a full makeup look. I love this chubby stick as it looks really bright in the tube but it’s a lot more subtle on the lip. It’s really hydrating so you could throw this on before leaving the plane and have lovely pink moisturised lips, what more could you want.

Dicken & Jones Makeup Bag

Finally, my makeup bag is by Dicken & Jones and my mum kindly bought it for me. I love the pattern on the bag and the lining is waxed so it perfect to use for your makeup of even as a toiletry bag. The bag is boxed shape with a zipper around three sides allowing you can see everything in it and easily grab what you want, which I love. This bag is also the perfect size to pop all you beauty essentials for holiday or even in your handbag.

So there you go, those are all the beauty items I take in my hand luggage. What are you inflight beauty essentials?

Steph x



  1. Julia - The Honey House
    September 15, 2017 / 8:20 pm

    Love this! I always bring a lipstick on a flight for the same reasons but thats such a pretty colour!

    • September 15, 2017 / 8:25 pm

      Thank you, I agree this colour is just perfect x

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