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Skincare Update & Changes

I have found over the last 6 months that my skin has change from normal to combination/oily. I recently visited a Space NK store to get some advice on which products I should be using to help control the oils on my face. I picked up a few new skincare pieces so I thought I would share then with you. Enjoy!

The consultant at Space Nk ran through what type of products I should be using and why my skin might be oily. My skin in the past has always been amazing, I would get the occasional spot which was usually hormonal, but apart from that the only problem I had was rosy cheeks due to my sensitive skin. In the winter I use to get dry patched between my nose so I gave Kiehls Midnight Recovery a go and it worked a dream to help hydrate my skin and leave it feeling silky soft. My skincare in the past has consisted of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, The Ordinary Hyaluronic 2% + B5 , and Liz Earle Light Skin Repair. This skincare routine was amazing for my normal skin type but I think it is now just not working for me. So these are the products I picked up.


Oskia Renaissance: Cleansing Gel

The first product I was recommended was the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I have heard so many people rave about this cleansing gel. It is packed full with vitamin A,C & E, Omega 6, Pumpkin Enzymes, Charmomile & Rose. If you have more of a combination skin then you should use a gel instead of an oil or cream cleanser.

I had read a lot of reviews, before purchasing this product, with many saying this cleanser had really helped clear up congested skin and overall made their skin look a lot brighter and healthier. I was a bit worried with the scent of this cleanser, a lot of people said it smelt of turkish delight, but I love the smell. To me this cleanser smells more of pumpkin/orange than the sweetness of turkish delight.

The texture of this cleanser is quite different, I am use to a cream cleanser. When you pump the cleanser onto your hands it comes out as a gel, which you then massage onto your skin until it turns into an oil. You then need to add a small amount of water so that the oil emulsifies and then I like to remove it with a warm muslin cloth. It sounds like this cleanser has too many steps but it literally takes me a minute, so even if your in a rush there is no excuse.

There are so many benefits to this cleanser and I am so excited to see how well this works for me. I have been using it for a few weeks and have already seen a massive improvement on my chin. I use to have tiny red spot on my chin and most of them have already cleared up. I have also had a lot less breakouts, which is amazing. I love how light this cleanser feels on my skin and that it isn’t drying or leaves you skin feeling greasy.


Dr Dennis Gross: Hyaluronic Marine Oil-free Moisture Cushion

I was also recommended a new moisturiser and let me tell you this one is not cheap. I have heard in the past that if you have oily skin then you should get a moisturiser that is oil free, which mine wasn’t. I had know for a while I needed to switch up my moisturiser but had no clue which one to use. The consultant at Space NK recommend this one from Dr Dennis Gross, which is a brand I hadn’t heard before, so after a lot of research I decided to take the plunge. This water-break gel-cream moisturiser is formulated with Japanese Marine algae, hyaluronic acid and essential amino acids to help lock in moisture without clogging your pores.

This moisturiser has a gel like texture and is light blue, but on the skin it is clear thank god (don’t fancy looking like a smurf!) I love how light this moisturiser feels on the skin and how quickly it sinks in. I found my old moisturiser, which was a cream, took a while to skin in where as this is within a matter of seconds. I wouldn’t really say this moisturiser has much of a scent, it just smells quite natural and reminds me of the sea but it isn’t an over powering scent. Overall I have been impressed so far my skin doesn’t look at all oily but I know skincare products take some time to see proper results.

Sunday Riley: Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

Finally, I was recommended the Juno Face Oil by Sunday Riley but have decided not to pick it up yet. I was so close to purchasing this product but i’m not sure I can justify spending £70 on a face oil. This face oil is packed full with tons of Vitamins, omega oils, amino acids, natural UV shields and anti-inflammatory agents. All these ingredients help reduce blemished and turn tired dull skin into a dewy healthy complexion.

This product sounds  amazing and lots of bloggers rave about the Sunday Riley face oils, if you have tried Juno then let me know what you think of it. Should I try it? I have decided to see how my skin copes with the cleansing gel and moisturiser first and then see if I want to add in this product too.

If you love skincare or are having problems with an oily complexion like me then hopefully you have enjoyed this really long blog post. If you have used Juno then let me know you thoughts on it and whether you think I should buy it.

Hopefully you are all having a lovely week and I will see you soon.

Steph x


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