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February Favourites

Each month seems to fly by and February was no exception. My February favourites seem to consist mainly of makeup, I tried a few skincare pieces but haven’t used them long enough for them to be included in my February Favourites. So lets take a look at the products I have been loving.


Starting off with makeup and more specifically a concealer. The Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer is a product I was obsessed with last summer and put to the side once I discovered Glossier’s stretch concealer. I have recently gone back to a liquid concealer and the Bourjois one is just brilliant. I love how quick it is to use and if you are in a rush you can easily apply it with your fingers. It has great coverage and works amazingly at covering any red patches and spots. My favourite place to use this is under my eyes, as it really helps brighten and illuminated my eyes, which is a god send when you have had a bad nights sleep. You don’t need much of this product for great results and it also means it will last you ages. This product will be brilliant when the weather starts to warm up too as it feels very light on the skin and gives you a natural glowey finish, which I love.


Moving onto eyes and the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara has now made it’s way into my everyday makeup bag. I have natural long curly lashes so I tend to look for a mascara which gives me definition with a touch of volume and this mascara does it all. I love how quick this mascara is to apply, even to the bottom lashes, and you only need one coat to see the definition of your lashes. This mascara leaves your lashes looking fluttery and natural rather then a very clumpy and heavily made up look. If you put on a couple of layers onto your lashes you could get a very bold eye look but I prefer something more subtle. The packaging of this mascara is also great, instead of it being curved it is a hexagon shape making is surprisingly comfortable to hold and use.

For lips I have recently discovered the NYX Soft Matt lip cream in Cannes and have loved wearing it. It too took me a while to get use to something that drys down to a matt, as I am use to more hydrating lipstick, but once I got over that, I have fallen in love with them. I love that you can apply this lip cream in the morning and know it will still be there in the afternoon. I am also obsessed with the vanilla scent, its such a nice change from that really chemically smell that a lot of lipsticks have. This shade is a gorgeous pinky nude, which works well with practically any makeup look.



Moving onto fragrance and the perfume I have been wearing everyday, without fail is the Zoella Snowella Rollerball Perfume. I picked this up during the Christmas sales and have been loving wearing this everyday. This perfume has notes of Peony, Mint and Pink Pepper, which makes it lovely and refreshing whilst still feeling quite cosy too. I love that this comes in a rollerball so its quick and easy to apply with the versatility that it’s easy to travel with or even pop into your handbag on a day out.

The Crown

When it comes to my evening I love sitting down a watch an episode of my current favourite Series which has to be The Crown. I am completely obsessed with this series, I watched the first series a couple of years ago, and the second series is just as good. I really enjoy watching period dramas and The Crown has it all from historic events to the most amazing costumes, lets not also forget the amazing Claire Foy and Matt smith who play Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. This Series follows the start of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and what her life was really like from marriage to political rivalries. If you love dramas and history then you need to watch this series.

So those were my favourites for the month of February. I would love to know what you currently favourites are and what you are loving on Netflix at the moment, I am always on the hunt for new things to watch.

Have a lovely weekend!

Steph x

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  1. FebruaryCircus
    March 9, 2018 / 11:51 am

    Love the NYX soft matte lip cream! <3 Ibiza is my go to colour 🙂

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