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Spring Home Update

With Spring just around the corner it’s nice to spruce up your home and switch a few things up. At the beginning of every season I like to look around in the shops and on Pinterest to see what is coming into season and find a few pieces I can incorporate into my home.

Pastel Colours always spring to mind when it comes to Spring so I thought I would show you a few ways you can inject some pastel colours into your home.



The lounge is an area we tend to use the most, whether its socialising with family and friends or settling down to a movie evening. The easiest way to incorporate pastel colours is through accessories. Pillows, throws, candles, coffee books and flowers are great ways to add some pastel colour into your room without having to spending a lot of money. Flowers will also bring that fresh spring feeling into your home, if you don’t like fresh flowers then why not buy some silk flowers (your be amazed at how realistic some of them look.)

If you want to switch up furniture then maybe look at injecting some colour into armchairs or a sofa. You can easily get away with a soft pink or blue sofa without the room looking too feminine and your partners not complaining. Just remember if you get a coloured sofa you can then layer grey and white toned cushions and throws over it to tone down the colour, if you feel it is too dominating in the room. By having one item of furniture with a pop of colour you might need to then have the coffee table made from glass, white marble or washed wood to help keep a nice balance of colour in the room.

Dining Room /  Kitchen & Study


When it comes to your eating area you can be a bit more playful with colours. An easy way of adding a splash of colour is through your crockery, glasses or even with a bouquet of flowers as a centre piece. I also think it’s really nice to bring in a touch of green through house plants. It really helps make the room look fresh and bring a lease of life into the room.

If you want to add in a bit more colour then why not look at switching up your dining / kitchen chairs. If you want a very simple look then stick to one colour and style of chair, like in the top image, or you can play around with a mix of colours. You could do a range of one colour (I.e a range of blues) or have one chair with a different pastel colour. If you are going to have coloured chairs then its best to keep your table quite neutral whether its washed wood, white marble or just a white table.

For me a study if an expression of yourself and needs to be a place you feel comfortable and inspired in. With that in mind, I find refreshing my working environment every few months helps keep me really productive. Working in a white sparse room can feel quite draining after a while so add some colourful prints or quotes onto the walls. If you are looking for some lovely motivation A4 quotes that are under £5 then why not check out Bliss Prints UK and get 20% off with STEPH20.  I also love stocking up on new piece of stationary, Kikki.K being my favourite shop for notebooks and anything study related.



For me the bedroom is one of my favourite places in our flat, it’s somewhere that I feel very calm and cosy in. Every season I love treating myself to new bedding, it doesn’t have to be really expensive. It’s amazing how much bedding can really change the feel and mood in your room. In the spring I love having blush pinks, greys and whites on our bed, whether that is through the duvet, pillows or throws. If you like having you bed quite simple then you could always have some pastel colour dress cushions, which you can then take off at night, or have a backing pillow in a soft pink or blue. There are so many variations to choose from, if your stuck then why not take a look at Pinterest for some more inspiration.

Apart from you bed you can also add colour through your artwork, you could easily buy some white frames and then change the prints in them every few months to change the look of your bedroom. You could also bring in some fresh flowers to add a touch of softness to your bedside table or dresser, you don’t need a whole bouquet maybe just a couple in a small jar.

As you can see there are lots of ways you can incorporate pastel colours into your home from some flowers to switching up your sofa. Everyone has different budgets but hopefully you can see that a few accessories can go a really long way. You can obviously incorporate any colour into your home, I just suggest pastels as they scream spring to me, but there is no right or wrong when it comes to interiors its all personal preference at the end of the day.

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Steph x

*all photographs are from Pinterest

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  1. Life As Najida
    March 12, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    Love using Pinterest for inspo! We have such similar tastes?

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