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Getting Organised for a New Week

I love the idea of starting off a new week, afresh and with a new list of tasks I want to completely, but in reality I wish Sunday would never end. So I thought I would share with you a few ways I get ready for Monday, which really helps me get excited for the new week but more importantly get me organised.


Bullet Journal

The key way for me to get organised is my bullet journal, I have only started using it this year and can’t imagine life without it. I use my bullet journal for everything blog and social media related, and I then have a separate diary for everything else. On Sunday I like to go through my bullet journal and organise the blog posts that are going up the following week and sometimes for the rest of the month too, depending on how much time I have. It makes it a lot easier during the week if I know exactly what is going up on Monday & Friday and I can make sure all the photographs have been taken.

I have a little section in my bullet journal full of blog post and youtube video ideas, and i’m continuously adding to it, so if I every get stuck for blog post ideas then I refer back to it. I find this is a great way to collect all your blog post ideas and break them down into categories so I always have posts that i’m excited to write.


Photography & Writing

The weekend is the only time I can take photographs, as I work full time, so I usually write a list of blog photos that need taking and spend an afternoon taking them. I think photography is one of my favourite parts of blogging and I am now slowly increasing my camera gear and skills, which is so exciting. I tend to sit down on Sunday and edit all my photographs in Lightroom, I love how easily you can transform a photograph in such a short amount of time. Editing my photographs takes a while but it’s well worth spending a bit more time to get all the photographs for one post looking consistent and perfect.

The final step is then writing the blog post. One thing I find so useful is to list down the names of all the products I have take photographs for, before starting to write my new blog post. This way when it comes to writing up the blog post I already have a list of all the products. It saves so much time. I really enjoy sitting down on Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours and writing up a few blog posts. Some weekends I can’t do this, which means Monday evening I have to write my blog post and then publish it the same night, but most of the time I try to get the blog posts written in advance.

Planning Videos

Over winter I decided to take a break from Youtube and really try and work out what I really wanted to do. Last month I decided to start making them again and I am currently concentrating on style video (heres my latest one), which I have been loving. I normally upload on a Sunday Morning every 2 weeks so planning my videos is essential, as it take a good 5 hours to film and edit them. If I know the following weekend I need to film a video I will make sure I have a list of clothes I want to film, in my bullet journal, and plan which location/s I want to film in.


And Relax

After a busy Sunday of planning and organising for the week ahead I then like to take the evening off and just completely unwind. I love lighting my favourite candles, making a cup of tea and having a bubble bath. It’s important to¬† wind down before starting a new week, that way you are ready, motivated and fresh for the week ahead full of new challenges.

As you can see my Sunday consists of a lot of planning and prep for the following week. I love getting myself organised, I find it really motivates me and makes me excited to start the new week. If you haven’t already seen my latest styling videos, and love fashion, then why not take a look here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and this give you a few ideas on how to get the most out of your week.

Steph x

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