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Banishing Sunday Night Blues

Everyone has experienced Sunday night blues and I still get them too, especially if I know the following week is very busy. There are a few things I do over the weekend so when it gets to Sunday night I am ready and excited for a new week. The weekend flies by so quickly you don’t want to waste it worrying.

Get your Chores done Saturday

My Saturday is usually spent getting all my chores done. I tend to get the food shop done in the morning and then clean the flat in the afternoon. I always try and get this out of the way first, so its done and I can enjoy the rest of the weekend. I love the feeling of a clean tidy house and it instantly relaxes and calms me down. I tend to do a bit of cleaning during the week but the main bulk is done on Saturday. Once the flat is clean we can get on with the rest of our weekend plans.


Go out and do something on Sunday

Making plans on Sunday really helps give you something to look forward too and also makes your weekend feel longer. Your plans don’t have to be massive it could be going on a walk, having some friends around for lunch or even taking some time out for you. Do something that you love and enjoy! Having plans on a Sunday also helps keep you distracted, so you don’t have time to worry about Monday.

Plan for the week ahead

I am the sort of person who loves to plan and get organised for the following week. I find doing some planing for the following week helps me prioritise what really needs doing and makes me feel a lot calmer and confident about the following week.  My bullet journal is the main way I like to plan, especially for blogging, it makes staying organised so easy. I like to write down all my blog posts in my bullet journal along with monthly favourites, job tracker and lots of other blog related material.

Once a month I plan all the blog posts for that month, allowing me to work out what content I want to publish. When this has all been done it makes it a lot easier to priorities what needs doing and which blog posts I need to concentrate on first. I like to use Saturdays to take a few photos for blog posts, so I have them all ready for editing on Sunday. I find doing a bit of blogging prep each Sunday helps me keep on track and not get stressed during the week with photographing products.

When it comes to writing blog posts I have to be in the mood, which can get very irritating at times. I normally write blog posts in the evening as I find it quite relaxing, so Sunday evening will partly be dedicated to blog writing. I will also do some writing during the week, if it’s been a busy weekend or if I just feel like doing so.


Try the Hygee Way

Hygee is something I love to do when I am stressed and need to completely unwind. The Hygee way is basically making your life more relaxing and getting back in line with nature. Winter is the most know time for a hygee home (bundles of blanket, open fires and hot chocolates), but you can incorporate it into your life during the summer months too.

So how can you incorporate Hygee into your life. Well start by becoming more mindful, get out of the house, whether it’s to the beach with friends or going on a walk in your favourite park. Getting outdoor helps to relieve stress and anxiety, whilst giving you some exercise. Being spontaneous will also help you make the most of the weather and make unexpected memories with loved ones around you.

When it comes to your home why not switch your duvet for a sheet and blanket, this way your wont overheat whilst being snuggled up in bed. I also like to change our bed linen to white as it really brighten up the room and makes it feel lovely and fresh.

Have a set bedtime routine & time you go to sleep

Setting a bedtime that you stick too, especially on a Sunday night, helps you to get into a proper bedtime routine and allows you to get a proper nights sleep. On a Sunday night I go to sleep at around  10:30pm, if I go to sleep any later I struggle getting up on Monday. Establishing a good night time routine allows you to completely relax and unwind before going to sleep.

Some of my favourite thing to go before bed is make a list of what needs doing the following day, which allows me to go to sleep with a clear help. I also love lighting a candle, with my favourite being DW Apple Blossom from TK MAX (it literally smells like fresh cut apples.) Depending on how I am feeling I will either watch a bit of Youtube or read a book, my current one is The F Word by Lily Pebbles (I literally can’t put this book down it’s so good.) Just before I go to bed I will pop on the Deep Sleep Night Oil by This Works, this really helps me fall asleep quickly and not wake up during the night.

If you struggle with Sunday Night Blues then hopefully this blog post will help you with a few things you could try out. Let me know if you do anything else by Sunday night ready and rearing for Monday to come along.

Hope you all have a lovely Weekend and I will see you again on Monday!

Steph x


  1. May 25, 2018 / 1:47 pm

    I definitely suffer regularly from the sunday night blues, these are great suggesions!

    • May 27, 2018 / 11:05 am

      Thank you, hopefully they might help you x

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