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Summer Favourites

With the massive heatwave currently in the UK, and as I just got back from holiday, I thought its about time I shared with you some of my summer favourites. At the moment every weekend feels like a mini holiday with glorious blue skies and having to wear suncream nearly every day. I have found my skincare routine and makeup has been taken back to basics, as honestly its just too hot to have a shed load of makeup on. So here’s a mix of beauty products and my current favourite book.



Starting off with two of my favourites when it comes to my summer skincare routine. The first has to  be the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. This has turned into my favourite cleanser for really hot days, as its so quick and easy to use. All you do is pop a small amount on of the cleanser onto your finger, add some water, lather it up and then apply it all over your face. You then massage it in until you fell like your skin has been  properly cleansed and then rinse it off. One of my favourite things about this product is that it removes makeup really easily and leaves your skin really really clean, without it feeling stripped of moisture. You don’t need a lot of this cleansing gel, so this littel pot will last ages, and I love that it doesn’t really have a scent. This is also a travel size so it comes with me on holiday in my hand-luggage.

My next skincare favourite will be of not surprise to you, as I’ve mentioned it so much on my blog, and it’s the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. If I was stuck on a desert island and could only have 2 products, this would be one of them, I just can’t get enough of it. I religiously use this products every morning and evening and it helps keep my chin clear of any spots and has really helped clear up any scarring I have. I have been using this products for about 1 year now and I am amazed with how much of a difference this product has made. In my opinion it’s well worth the price tag.


Makeup & Nails

On really hot days the last thing I want to do is put makeup on. I tend to chuck on some mascara and lipstick, anymore than that and I feel like it’s going to melt off my face. The lipstick I am always reaching for is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes. This lip cream is the perfect lips product for really hot days when you want a bit of colour with a good amount of staying power. I love the colour of this lip cream and its so comfortable to wear all day long. This product is so creamy on the lips, when you apply it, and then drys down to a really nice matte finish. The perfect finishing touch to a summers look.

For nails I swear by the Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base Coat either on it’s own or under a coloured nail varnish. You never really think about it but our nails need looking after, just like our skin, so that they stay strong and healthy. I love this base coat as it’s packed full of vitamins and superfood to give your nails a powerful treatment to get them in the best condition. I love wearing this base coat on it’s own, as it is clear on the nail, and perfect for holiday as it protects your nails from drying out in the hot weather and becoming flakey due to over exposure to water.  This product is £15 but so worth it and amazing for your nails.


I have one bodycare favourite from one of my favourite bodycare brands and it’s the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter. I have been using this product for years, which shows how much I love this product. Sanctuary Spa really know how to make gorgeous spa like products at a really good price. This body butter is in their original scent and smells heavenly, it’s like a spa in a pot. The body butter is quite thick but it sinks in to the skin really quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or overloaded with product. I love taking this product on holiday as it really helps keep my skin moisturised and feeling super soft. If you really don’t like thick body butters then why not try the Sanctuary Spa Body lotion, it’s in the same scent but a much lighter texture.


Handbag essentials

One thing I always have in my handbag is hand sanitiser, you never know when you are going to need it, especially when you are on holiday. I have recently been using The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel and OMG this stuff smelts amazing. It smells like you have just peeled a satsuma, which is really confusing when you are eating something as all you can smell is satsuma. The one thing I hate about hand sanitiser is most of them smell of alcohol and this one doesn’t, finally! The body shop have this product in lots of different scents and I think they are around £3, which isn’t too bad.

My last summer favourite has to be a book and I am currently reading Lily Pebbles The F Word. I have nearly finished this book and I don’t want it to end. I have learnt so much about female friendships but also about what type of friend I am to my friends. It’s such a fascinating book, which I never imagined I would get so much out of. One thing I love about this book is that it covers a variety of audience ages, from teenagers right up to your grandparents. I would highly recommend this as a present or even a book for yourself.

I would love to know what your summer favourites are and let me know if you would like to see a updated skincare or makeup routine maybe.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine if your in the UK!

Steph x

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  1. July 22, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    Omg La Roche Posay is my current skin care obsession, only just finished my first tube and I already miss it 🙂 x

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