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Products I Love Using in the Bath

When it comes to having baths there are a few things that I continuously reach for, depending on my mood and what my body is craving. One of my favourite bath types has to be a relaxing one, but sometime it’s nice to use some products that are a bit more uplifting. For me I always have my baths/showers in the evening, I love going to be bed feeling fresh and super clean. So here are my current bath go to products

Body Scrub

I don’t think anyone enjoys exfoliating, well at least I don’t, but its a great way to get rid of any dead skin and helps you get a better tan. My current go to exfoliator is the L’Occitane Almond Delicious Soap. I really like that this product it’s not too scratchy on the skin and the exfoliating part is made from crushed almond shells. It is great for sensitive skin and smells amazing. I also love using body scrubs, they are definitely more fun to use and aren’t as intense as a this exfoliating bar. I recently picked up the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub and love it, their minimalistic packaging is so cool. I tend to use this product more in the shower as it’s quite messy but I have used it in the bath too. The body scrub has grounded coffee beans, vitamin E, cold press sweat almond oil and salt, so it’s great for your skin and you can really feel a difference.


Lift Your Mood

Sometime you need a bath to energise you, especially if you like to have baths in the morning or want a productive evening. There are two body washes I always reach for, when I need that boost of energy, and the first one is from Molton Brown. I love Molton Brown bath products, they have so many amazing scents and they leave you smelling amazing hours after a bath. My favourite has to be the Japanese Orange Body Wash, it smells so fresh. Unfortunately they have now discontinued this product but there are many many other great scents like Fiery Pink Pepper.

Another body wash I have been loving is the Kathleen Sensual Rose Bubble Bath & Shower Gel, which I already mentioned in my last blog post so i’ll keep it short. If you like a bubble bath then this product is prefect and it smells heavenly too. This product has notes of Orange, Nutmeg and Rose, which all work really nicely together.

And Relax

Everyone needs a relaxing bath once in a while and I love making a custom blend of products depending on what I really need. I have two products that nearly always end up in my bath, their just too good. The first is Lavender bath salts, if you haven’t tried them you need too. I love putting bath salts in my bath, they really help soften the water and are great if you are feeling really achy and tired. The best thing about lavender bath salts is you also get buds of lavender floating in the bath along with the gorgeous fragrance of lavender too. I tend to add in a handful of bath salts and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes.

Secondly for me no relaxing bath is complete without some bath oils, with my favourite being The White Spa Bath Oil Shot Set (Restore) . These bath oils come in a little set (Restore Bath Shot & Relax Bath Shot), I love them both as they both really help me relax. I only like adding a small amount of bath oils, just enough to make your bath smell incredible and leave your skin feeling so soft. These Bath oils have a mix of essential oils to help restore your mood and wash away your worries.

I would love to know what your favourite bath products are.

You might have noticed but I now have my own website with a new blogĀ  design, which I am obsessed with. I hope you all like it just as much as I do, it definitely feels more like me. Let me know if you like it.

Steph x

*This post includes PR Samples

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