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I love switching out my skincare once in a while and I have recently been trying a few exfoliators, which is a product I never tend to use. I always used to think there was only one type of exfoliator/scrub, and I stayed clear of it as I was always worried it would aggravate my sensitive skin. Over the past year I started using different kinds of exfoliators, from liquids to physical exfoliators. I now have three exfoliators which I use, depending on how my skin is feeling and the result I am looking for.

When my skin is really dry and flakey I tend to reach for the Codage Paris Scrubbing Cream. I love that this product isn’t too harsh on my skin and I get no redness after using it. The scrub is made from fine rice particles, which help buff the skin whilst drawing out any impurities. I tend to throw this on after my evening cleanse and my skin looks so glowy and smooth afterwards. This is one of my favourite products for the Winter, as I don’t really get dry skin any other time of the year.

Moving onto an exfoliator. I try and use this exfoliator once a week and it’s the Dermalogia Daily Superfoliant. I literally can’t get enough of this exfoliator as it has so many amazing ingredients in it. Starting off with the formulation. This product comes in a powder, which you then add water too and it then becomes a creamy paste with tiny exfoliating granules in it. This product is aimed at purifying the skin from pollution and resurfacing it at the same time, using charcoal and other amazing ingredients. I tend to use this product in the shower as it is a bit messy to clean off and I just love using it. There is something so satisfying about this product and you can really notice the results after a couple of weeks. I will always use this product if I have been in a heavily polluted town/city and will also use it once a week too.

An exfoliator which I have been using every other night, for a good four months now, is the Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid. Liquid Exfoliator always scared me but they have now turned into my favourite way to exfoliate. The liquid gold is a product that everyone should have in their skincare stash, even if you have sensitive skin like mine. Liquid Gold is a know as an overnight facial, all you do is apply this product after you cleanser and then go to sleep. If you don’t want such an intensive treatment then apply a  moisturiser after using the serum, like I do. This product helps to reduce fine lines, black heads, redness, enlarged pores (and the list goes on.) This product is such a good all round serum and I have definitely seen results, and you only need a tiny amount so the bottle lasts forever.

What is your current skincare love?

Steph x

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