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5 Brands I love & Want to Explore More of


I have tried lots of different beauty brands over the years and some of them have really stood out for me. The beauty industry is so big and there are thousands of different brands, some of which are well know and others are much smaller brands, which tend to be hidden gems. So lets take a look at the beauty brands  I love and I am so excited to explore more of.


Oskia is a brand I discovered about a year ago and have been blown away with their skincare products. The first product I tried was the Cleansing Gel, which I swear every blogger has in their skincare collection, and this product is hands down my favourite cleanser now. I have also been using the Renaissance mask, which is brilliant for adding some glow to your skin through resurfacing ingredients. I have found that Oskai Skincare has really changed the way my skin looks and feels for the better. A few things that are on my wishlist for Oskia are the Renaissance Brightlight Serum and the Tanning Drops.

I would say Oskia products are definitely on the pricer side, but they are so worth it for the quality of product you are getting.

Marc Jacobs

Moving onto makeup with Marc Jacobs. I have been using the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara for  a good 6 months now and love it so much. Marc Jacobs to me is a high-end brand but I feel they are worth the price tag and some of their products are to die for. The current items on my wishlist are Eye-Conic Longwear Eyeshadow Palette – Fantascene 790 (I just can’t get over how stunning this palette looks) and the Air Blush Soft Glow Duo – Flesh & Fantasy 506. Overall I think Marc Jacobs have so many lovely products, which won’t break the bank if you treat yourself to one or two products.



Becca is a brand I have had my eye on for years and became even more obsessed with it when I realised that Space NK stock it. At the beginning of this year I treated myself to the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Moonstone, best decision I made. I am now obsessed with this highlighter, you only need a tiny amount for a gorgeous glowy finish. Taking the plunge and trying this product has now made me want to try some other make up pieces by Becca. I currently have the Skin Love Glow Elixir and the Ombre Nude Eye Palette  on my wishlist.


NYX is a highstreet brand that I really enjoy using. I recently discovered their Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes and have become obsessed with it. I think it’s the first matte lip cream I have tried that doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry and uncomfortable. I think a lot of the time high-street beauty brands can be overlooked as people automatically think high-end beauty will always be a lot better in quality, but thats not always true. For me high street brands do lipsticks and base products really well so I’m excited to try some more NYX products out. On my shopping list is High Definition Blush (rose gold and deep plum look gorgeous) and Butter Lip Gloss (maybe in Creme Brulee).

This Works

The last brand is a brand I am so glad I discovered as it has changed the way I sleep forever, of course I am talking about the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. If you haven’t tried this product then you need too, especially if you have trouble falling asleep and have restless nights. I spray this product on my pillow, before I go to sleep, and I always have a good nights sleep. This Works do so much more than just sleep potions, they also sell skincare, bodycare and candles. I definitely want to repurchase the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray in the full size and then try out the In Transit Pollution Shield, Deep Sleep Bath Soak, and the Stress Check Face Mask.

Which brands would you like to explore more of ?

Steph x


  1. FebruaryCircus
    August 20, 2018 / 9:18 am

    I love NYX! My favorite product is also the Soft Matte Lip cream (Ibiza) 🙂

    • Steph Hannam
      August 21, 2018 / 8:02 pm

      I swear everyone has tried the Soft Matt Lip Creams and everyone seem to love them. I need to pick a few more up in different shades, can imagine I will be wearing them a ton with autumn x

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