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Soft and Kissable Lips with Fresh

IMG_9503IMG_9515My lips are a part of my skincare routine that I skim over quickly, without thinking much about it. I think our lips are one part of our face that we tend to not take much notice of. A few years ago I heard of Fresh, through other bloggers, and thought it was time to give the brand a go. I find in the winter my lips get very dry and chapped so its the perfect time to see how good these products are.

During the day I have been using the Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15. I tend to only apply lip balm in the mornings before work so I needed something that was really moisturising and going to last for hours. The first thing I noticed about this lip treatment is how sheer it is on the lips, which I love. It’s nice to have a lip treatment that is really nourishing on the lips and gives your lips a healthy pop of colour. I never have time in the morning to put on lipstick, so this is a great alternative. They have so many colours in the lip treatment range, so I might pick up a few more as they are so handy for your hand bag or even for travelling.

In the evenings I have been using the Sugar Lip Treatment Advance Therapy, which is a clear lip treatment thats similar to the tinted lip treatment. I find at night this product is perfect, especially when you lips are really dry from the harsh heating and cold temperatures outside. The next morning I find my lips are so soft and don’t feel sore, which other lip balms tend to do. I do sometime use this product during the day if I know my lips need an extra boost of hydration, that will last for hours. This product would be perfect during the day on a ski holiday or even if you are generally in a cold environment.


Once a week I like to give my lips a little pamper and these are the two products I always reach for. Exfoliating your lips is key to keeping them looking healthy and soft, so the Sugar Lip Polish is perfect for this. I have used a lot of lip scrubs in the past, the Lush sugar scrub being on of my favourites. I love using lip exfoliators and wanted to see what the differences were between a lip scrub and polish. If you want a more intense manual exfoliating then  I would use a scrub, as the scrub tends to be in bigger chucks, which helps to get rid of all the flakey skin. This Lip Polish has tiny Brown sugar crystals mixed into natural humectants (which will make sure your lips stay moisturised after flaking off the dead skin.) This product also contains shea butter and jojoba oil, which will help to nourish your skin. Honestly after using this product I was really surprised with how nourished and silky soft my lips felt. I love how this product gently buffs your lips without leaving them feeling dehydrated and slightly sore.

After using the Sugar Lip Polish  I then pop on the Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy. I’m still undecided on this product. I have tried it a couple of times but haven’t really noticed a difference after using it. This product has been formulated to help define your lip and lip contour area, so that they look more youthful. I think I haven’t used this product long enough to really be able to see a difference. If you have used this product and notice a difference I would love to know.

Overall I have loved the lip treatments and lip polish from fresh and will be giving the lip serum another try. I have also picked up a few skincare pieces from Fresh so I will be giving those products a go soon. I have already tried the Rose face mask and really loved it, it’s so soothing and moisturising.

If you have tried Fresh then let me know which products are your favourite.

Steph x

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