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Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

With Spring on it’s way I like to start looking at my capsule wardrobe and seeing what new pieces I would like to purchase, if any. When a new season comes along I think it’s really important to give your wardrobe a revamp, even if that doesn’t evolve purchasing new items. I like to do this by creating a new capsule wardrobe each season and storing the rest of my clothing under the bed. By having a capsule wardrobe I tend to wear all the items in my wardrobe and don’t feel overwhelmed when trying to create new outfits.

I like to get some outfit inspiration on Pinterest, before deciding on which pieces I would like to purchase. My one tip when buying new piece is to not impulse buy. You want to have pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear for years to come, so purchasing a few simple classic items that can be styled in many different ways is perfect. With this in mind it’s also nice to maybe have one or two pieces that are more trend led.

Here is a little wish list for my wardrobe, that will lead me from Winter through to Spring.

New Wardrobe Pieces

Starting off with clothing, I feel I am mainly missing basics across the board. I really want to add more neutral colours into my wardrobe through silk shirts, knitwear and maybe a pair a trousers. Having a more neutral colour palette will make your pieces a lot more versatile but it also gives you more of a timeless look. Something I am also starting to look into is making my wardrobe more sustainable, so quality over quantity and also looking at more sustainable fabrics.

Handbags & Shoes

I’m not afraid to say that I have a bit of a boot addiction, I just think they are perfect for the winter/spring time. They are so easy to throw on, making any outfit look really cute and chic, so it’s no surprise that a few boots have made their way onto my wishlist. Another look I love for spring is denim with a cute spare of white converses. I love looking at handbags for the new season and I am loving the look of Blush pinks and light greys. They are also perfect for a neutral wardrobe and just generally work all year round.

Jewellery Edit

I have become obsessed with jewellery over the last year, with quite a few new pieces finding their way into my collection. I really enjoy mixing the metals in my outfits and jewellery. Pandora stacking rings are a great way of doing this.

I can’t wait to spruce up my capsule wardrobe this Spring. There are some gorgeous pieces I have my eye on this Spring.

I would love to know what pieces you’re planning on purchasing this Spring.

Steph x

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