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Getting Inspired to Blog Again

You may have noticed I have been really quiet on my blog for the past couple of months and honestly I just lost steam with my blog. I have been blogging for nearly three years now and ever so often you loose inspiration or just struggle with motivation. It can be so difficult to find the motivation to blog, especially when you have a break from it. There have been a couple of things I have done to get me inspired and excited to write again.


I think it’s really important to reflect on how far you have come and what your aspirations are for the future. We all started blogging for a reason but the reasoning why we continue will adapt and change direction as we develop ourselves. 

Go on a mini break

I have noticed that when my motivation for blogging is really low I’m normally really stressed at work or in my home life. A little bit of stress is good, as it keeps us on our toes, but having it affect your whole life is a cause for concern. One way I like to deal with stress is having a mini break or holiday every couple of months. It doesn’t have to be really expensive, just somewhere you can completely shut off and concentrate on you. We have just come back from a rustic treehouse in Wales and I found that was the turning point for my blog. By going on long walks by the beach, spending precious time with my husband and spending the evening by the fire, my inspiration and motivation has suddenly come flooding back. 

Getting Inspirited by Reading Blogs and Instagram

A great way of getting blog post inspiration is by reading other blogs. This might sounds silly but it’s amazing how little I read other blogs. I have a few blogs that I always go to if I need some inspiration such as The Anna Edit, Pint Size Beauty  and Fashion Mumbler to name my top three. It’s also a great way of support other bloggers and see what they are up to. Photography wise I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and Pinterest. I love that everyone has their own style of photography that makes their images really recognisable to them. I always take my own photos and then write a blog post so Instagram is vital if I need a little inspiration for blog content.

Bullet Journal

I like to plan my blog posts in a bullet journal, I find it really easy to keep track of what I have written and have a section dedicated to Blog content ideas. Ever so often I will sit down and write down new blog content ideas so that when I am stuck for ideas I can refer back to the list. 

This year a lot has happened and life really got in the way of blogging. Having a couple of months off from regularly posting, has meant I have had time to think about my blog and what direction I want to take it. I started blogging so I could talk about things I love and want to share my thought on and I want to continue in that direction.

So if your in a little rut with blogging or have writers block then maybe try a few of these out and see if it helps.

Steph x

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