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Glow Inducing Beauty Products

June is already here and in my mind that means it’s summer. For me Summer is all about adding minimal makeup that has a lovely glow to it. Getting a healthy glow is all about layers of products that enhance the natural glow of your skin, starting with your skincare routine.

When my skin is looking a bit dull, I always reach for the Oskia Renaissance Mask. Skincare wise this is my glow in a pot, it helps get off the top layer of dead skin revealing your gorgeous new glowing skin bellow. I’m not really a fan of acid peels so this is a great alternative, as it’s gentle to the skin whilst giving you amazing results. I always find if my skin is looking healthy and glowy with my skincare then my makeup always looks so much better.

Beauty Pie is a brand I love for makeup that looks natural and does not feel heavy on the skin. In the summer I like using a light coverage base like the Beauty Pie Illuminating Primer. Even though this is a Primer it has a nice light / medium coverage that has a gorgeous glow to it. I picked this product up in light, I believe there are only three colour ways, as it suits my skin tone perfect. I can imagine this working for me even when I have a tan as this product evens out your skin tone rather than being more of a solid colour, like a heavy foundation would. 

For added glow and highlight to the tops of my checks and cupid bow I love using a touch of highlighter. When you think of glow, highlighter is the first thing most people think of. My favourite highlighter has to be Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Moonstone, you only need a tiny amount to get a gorgeous summer glow.  As well as using highlighter on my cheeks I also like to use it as eyeshadow. It’s perfect for those summer evening when you want a sparkly eye that’s really quick to do. 

From Highlighters to the palette that you will always find in my makeup collection, especially when I am traveling.  The All-in-One Palette from Beauty Pie has a collection of eyeshadows, blushers a highlighter and a bronzer. When I’m in a rush I tend to reach for this palette as you can create so many looks from it. To finish off any glowy look I add a touch of bronzer, to give that sun kissed glow. I literally use the tiniest amount on the hollows of my cheeks and the edges of my forehead. The bronzer is so easy to blend and has a matt finish, which compliments the gorgeous glowing highlighter.

What are your favourite products to get that gorgeous summer glow?


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