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Quick 5 Minute Makeup Look

I’ve recently been really enjoying a quick 5 minute makeup routine, especially on days when I’m in a rush. I tend to have all these products in a makeup bag on my desk so I can grab them quickly in the morning or even take them with me when I go traveling.

Cream bases are my favourites during this time of the year, they add a touch of hydration when you most need it. For a base, I love using the Beauty Pie All-in-Wonder Illuminating Primer, which has light coverage and gives your skin a lovely natural glow. I find a tinted moisturiser or primer is the best for my base during the winter, especially when I‘m only looking for light coverage. Concealer wise I normally add a touch under my eyes and on my chin.

I love using a touch of bronzer all year round, it’s also a perfect way of adding a really subtly contour to your cheeks too. The Beauty Pie One Pallete Wonder has my favourite bronzer in it so I just add a touch of that and my base is done.  I find a powder bronzer is so quick to apply that I don’t really use a cream bronzer anymore.

For eyes I like to use the taupe eyeshadow, from Beauty Pie One Pallete Wonder, and then a bit of the darker brown, in the crease of my eyes.  To keep my eyes more natural I add a small amount of the Beauty Pie Uber Volume Boost Mascara and my eyes are done. I love a really subtle and soft eye look so sometimes less is more.  

To finish off a I love using the Beauty Pie Shine Up Lip Colour Balm Baby Bare, it’s really moisturising and the colour lasts for hours. The formulation leaves you lips with a lovely soft shine and the shade is a beautiful nude colour.

Steph x

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