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One of my favourite rooms to style and decorate in our home has to be our bedroom. I wanted to make our room a little sanctuary where you immediately felt calm and cosy. The main aims were to warm up the grey walls, adding in pops of blue and investing in a properly fitted wardrobe. I think our bedroom is the most expensive room we have worked on but it’s worth every penny.

The original cool grey walls made the bedroom feel really cold, especially as it is northeast facing and only gets morning sunshine. We decide to paint all the walls in Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball, it’s the most gorgeous dusky peachy pink tone. It immediately made the room feel really fresh and bright. Our bedroom colour puts a smile on my face every morning, I just love it.

Keeping the Furniture White

I wanted the furniture in our bedroom to be white. It helps keep the bedroom light and airy and we already had a white bed that I loved. The room isn’t massive, especially with our king bed, so we got some small bedside tables to make the most of the space on either side of the bed. I loved the idea of having white wood floating bedside tables, with a small draw. In the end, we decide to make the bedside tables ourselves and I love them.

Investing in Fitted Wardrobe

We originally had a wall of sliding cream & mirror glass doors with three hanging rails. There was no space for folded clothes and so much wasted space. So we had some Essence Shaker style fitted wardrobe from Sharps installed. I loved the whole process of planning out our wardrobe, from choosing the interior layout to finalising the finishing touches. Finish wise I choose a white shaker door, white interior and long brush brass handles. The wardrobe is a gorgeous contrast to the wall colour and elongated that wall.

Colours & Textures

I wanted to bring some navy blue into the bedroom, as this is one of the main colour of the house. Navy blue had been added through a number of accessories including the blackout blinds, cushions and prints. I find it really helps to lay up colour and texture in your accessories. Choose a couple of colours you want to add and get a couple of pieces in each colour.

The Final Touches

Adding some softness to the room really helps to make your bedroom feel cosy and inviting. When you walk through the bedroom door you are immediately greeted by flowing white curtains. This adds a nice softness to the wall of wardrobe doors and diffuses the light coming through the window. For the bed I added faux fur pillow, making the bedroom feel cosy and the bed irresistible to snuggle up in.

Do you have any redecorating plans for your home? It’s amazing what a splash of paint can do to a room. If you looking to redo your downstairs toilet and need a little inspiration, here’s click here to see how I transformed ours.

Steph x

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