Over the years the kitchen has turned into one of the most important rooms of the house, as it is where we socialise and spend a lot of our time. With this is mind, when designing your kitchen there are a few things that I think are important to keep in mind. I have sourced some photos from Pinterest to show you some of my favourite designs and colour palettes. Read more →



Making plans for the further is something I love doing and my current project is getting ideas for our first house. Some of you may already know that I am an Interior Designer so I am always collecting pieces for inspiration. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite interiors inspiration from different rooms. Read more →


With Spring just around the corner it’s nice to spruce up your home and switch a few things up. At the beginning of every season I like to look around in the shops and on Pinterest to see what is coming into season and find a few pieces I can incorporate into my home.

Pastel Colours always spring to mind when it comes to Spring so I thought I would show you a few ways you can inject some pastel colours into your home. Read more →


January is always a great time to give your home a new look, whether that be buying some new home accessories, changing the layout of a room or just changing the atmosphere. Today I thought I would talk about how you can added greenery into your home and the benefits of doing so. Read more →



With winter and Christmas just around the corner I thought it was time to share with you some cosy Interior inspiration. So lets talk Hygge interiors, (pronounced hoo-guh). If you don’t know what Hygge is (where have you been?) it is a Danish word for wellbeing and hence making your life/home cosy, contempt and happy. In scandinavia it is referred to as a measure of cosiness. Hygge can be added into your life in lots of different ways, it is basically a way to help simplify and make you more contempt and happy with your life and surroundings. Read more →


When the seasons change, I love going onto Pinterest and getting some interiors inspiration. It already feels like Autumn is here, with the leaves turning red and conkers already falling, I thought it was time to get some Interiors inspiration and share it with you all. I am going to focus on two rooms, the Living Room and the Bedroom, as these are where people spend most of there time in. You can easily inject a bit of autumn homeware to really change the look and feel of your home. Read more →

living room 2


Last year I did a autumn home wish list and a lot of you seemed to enjoy it so I thought I would do a new one for spring. Spring is one of my favourite seasons for homeware as so brighter colours start to be introduced as you can get a real feel for what colours and trends are in this year. Read more →



When it comes to autumn I am completely in love as it is one of my favourite seasons. I decided for today’s blog post I would do a mood board of everything I think make a beautiful autumnal home. There are so many different decoration pieces and homeware  pieces out there that it can become very confusing on know what to buy and put into your home. The things I have chosen are really easy to get hold of and some of them are very inexpensive but will really bring you home to life. So grab a cuppa and lets begin. Read more →


I decided to do something a bit different today and do an Autumn home wish list, as I have just moved into a new flat and there is so much I want to buy. We have moved into a very modern flat so I am going along the neutral theme with a splash of copper and a bit of colour. All the piece I have chosen would look amazing in my flat but unfortunately I can’t afford it all, so that’s why they are on my wish list. So lets begin. Read more →



I absolutely love buying and burning candles in my home. I love the way they can completely change the mood of my home just from the scent of the candle. As some of you may know I have just moved into a new flat and I have been saving some candles for my new flat. So I thought it would be fun to share with you my current collections of candles that are waiting to be burnt, except one that is nearly finishing, so lets begin. Read more →



When it comes to personalizing my home I am in my element. I love going to home shops, finding unique and interesting pieces that I can incorporate into my home. One shop I love for home items is Home Sense as they have some amazing items at a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend you checking them out.  Read more →



July 28, 2016

I had been living in Kingston Upon Thames for the past 3 years as I studied at Kingston University  and have just moved away as I graduated this week. In the three years of living in Kingston Upon Thames I never ventured into the Molton Brown store so I decided to have a look during a visit on Tuesday. Before going I pre booked a complimentary hand and arm massage, which I was really excited about.  Read more →



July 20, 2016

One of the first thing I love to do in the summer is burn candles. I absolutely love burning candles in my home, as I feel it helps set the mood and makes it lovely and homely. I like to choose which candle to burn by what mood I am in or what atmosphere I want to create in my home.  Read more →