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Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by. Planning a wedding should be fun, stress free, and a reflection of yourselves, so we are here to help.

My husband and I have been capturing memories in cinematic videos for years. We are use to working amongst loved ones and our style encapsulates key, intimate  and special spontaneous moments, leaving you with memories that you can love and cherish.

So we wanted to offer that same content and unique opportunity to couples like yourselves, something truly special that you can look back on and remember your wedding day by. You wont need to worry about a thing, we have it covered.

Remember to have fun, be as bold as you want,  and let us capture memories that will last a lifetime.

I also have a whole section on my blog packed full with wedding tips, tricks and inspiration, so if you fancy a read, check them out here, and get a feel for our style on our youtube channel here.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, email us on weddings@stephhannam.com.  We are also available to Skype or FaceTime if you want to talk face-to-face.