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Thanks for stopping by. Planning a wedding should be fun, stress free, and a reflection of yourselves, so we are here to help.

My husband and I have been capturing memories in cinematic videos for years. We are use to working amongst loved ones and our style encapsulates key, intimate  and special spontaneous moments, leaving you with memories that you can love and cherish.

So we wanted to offer that same content and unique opportunity to couples like yourselves, something truly special that you can look back on and remember your wedding day by. You wont need to worry about a thing, we have it covered.

Remember to have fun, be as bold as you want,  and let us capture memories that will last a lifetime.

I also have a whole section on my blog packed full with wedding tips, tricks and inspiration, so if you fancy a read, check them out here, and get a feel for our style on our youtube channel here.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, email us on [email protected].  We are also available to Skype or FaceTime if you want to talk face-to-face.

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I can’t believe that on Sunday it was our 1 year anniversary, the past year has flown by. I  decided to take a couple of day off blogging so I thought in my absence I would share with you some of my favourite wedding photos. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen a couple of our professional wedding photos over the past year so why not share them here too. We were lucky enough to have an amazing photographer who sent us over 500 photos from our wedding day, which means there are plenty to look at. Enjoy having a sneak peak into our wedding day with some of our favourite photos. Read more →



I can’t believe this time last year I was planning out a wedding and today we have been married for 9 months already. I loved planning our wedding, and blogged about it too, you end up living and breathing wedding planning. So what happens after the wedding day? Something I thought would be interesting to write about is what life is like after getting married and the questions that are frequently asked. Read more →



I thought today I would share with you where we went on our honeymoon, as some of you have asked for it. We decided to spend a few nights in the UK and then fly off to Tenerife for a week. We were lucky enough to have one of my grandparents pay for the accommodation in Tenerife, which was so lovely of them, and we spent the first part of our honeymoon in the Cotswolds. Read more →



So the reason I have taken a mini-break from blogging, is because we got married !!! I am so excited to be able to now share with you everything to do with our wedding.

We got married on Saturday 22nd of July at Farnham Castle in Surrey. We had our wedding ceremony in the castle’s Norman Chapel, which is a stunning part of the castle and meant we had our whole wedding at the same venue. Farnham Castle is an old 900 year old castle overlooking Farnham, it was a beautiful location for our wedding and all the guests loved it. We decided to keep the wedding small with around 60 guests during the day and a few more friends in the evening. Read more →



Once the countdown has begun then things start to feel very real and the realisation you are getting married in the next month begins. Pre wedding nerves are definitely a thing and people experience them very differently. When you’re so close to your wedding day you will find there are a lot of thoughts racing around your head and it can become quite stressful if you are not on top of everything. My wedding is just around the corner so I am currently going through this stage and thought I would share with you some tips on how to keep pre wedding nerves at bay and enjoy the time you have left. Read more →



Preparing your skin before your wedding makes sure your skin is the best it can look before your big day. You might find a few months before the wedding you have been trying out different skincare products to see what gives you the best results, but remember to stick to the same skincare routine for about 1 month before the wedding. The worst thing is trying out a new product a few weeks before the wedding and having a reaction to it. Read more →



Going on your honeymoon is such a special time and everyone always wants to know where you’re going, but choosing where to go can be quite hard with so many choice nowadays. There are two factors that you will find will be key to deciding where to go and those are money and time. Read more →



It can be really hard buying presents for a couple who have just gotten married but also for the Bride & Groom to decide what they want to receive. Traditional items for the couples house would have been brought, as couples would only move in together after they were married. Nowadays a lot more couple move in together before getting married so they will already have all the house items they need. Read more →



Choosing what style of wedding cake you want can be quite daunting, with the amount of different styles and price. To start it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different styles, if you are unsure of which style to choose, so you can then both work out what style you do and don’t like.

If you are trying to save some money on your cake then why not take a look at Waitrose or Marks and Spencers pre-made wedding cakes, they are a lot cheaper than getting one made in a cake shop. For flowers and foliage you could always look into silk flowers if you are worried about real flowers wilting or if you are putting the cake together and want to have it all ready the day before the wedding. Read more →


Let’s talk about wedding Music. Music is one element of the wedding that usually takes a lot longer than you anticipate due to the fact there is a lot to organise. You tend to have music during the ceremony, reception, sometimes the wedding breakfast and of course in the evening. Before choosing your music you need to think whether you want live or recorded music or a mixture of both. So let’s break this down into different sections of the day and give you some suggestion for pieces of music you might like to use.  Read more →



Throughout the planning of my wedding I have found it really useful to have a mood board that incorporates everything I am looking for in our wedding. Having a wedding mood board means you can refer back to it when you need some inspiration and allows you to share ideas and thoughts with your vendors so they get an idea of what you are looking for on your wedding day. Read more →

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If you are having a short engagement but are still looking for a day of celebration, instead of just a registry wedding and a party with the family at a later date, the keep reading.  Planning a wedding in 6 months or less can be done it just be prepared for a lot of planning, organising and a ton of decisions over the next few months. Read more →



The Groomsmen suits are just as important as getting your Bridesmaid outfits right. I never realised how many different styles and colours to choose from. There are a few different things to keep in mind when choosing your suits so I have broken it down into a few sections to make it easier. Remember to share this with your partner, it will give him a starting point when looking for suits. Read more →

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A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post all about wedding stationery and mentioned I will doing one just on wedding invitations, so that’s what I am doing today. There are so many different styles of invitations to choose from and there are pros and cons to each of them. Read more →



Planning your wedding can take a long time and will become very stressful at times. I am currently planning my own wedding and know exactly how it feels when everything feels completely out of control and you feel there is too much to do in so little time. Over the past year I have come up with a few different methods that have really helped making wedding planning a lot easier and also less stressful. Read more →

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When it gets to about 1 year before your wedding, or once your venue, guest list and ceremony time have been sorted, it’s then time to start choosing or designing your stationery. Your wedding stationary is normally a reflection of your theme and colour scheme and will help tie everything together on the day. There are a number of things to think about when choosing what design you want, so let’s go through them. Read more →



Once you have your bridesmaid dresses sorted and bought its time to think about their accessories. There are two ways to go around choosing accessories and your budget will have a say in this. There are lots of different ways to purchase accessories and it will all depend on your budget and if your bridesmaids don’t mind paying for parts of their outfit. Regardless of who’s paying, your bridesmaids will look to you for inspiration of what you want them to wear. Read more →


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This weeks post is all about your wedding venue flowers and also touching on table decorations. When you go for your initial meeting with your florist you will put together a selection of flowers and foliage which reflect your theme, dress and also the venue. Once your bouquet flowers have been chosen then you can dispersed these flowers throughout the venue to link all your venues together. I’ve broken this blog post down into two sections to make it easier to understand, so let’s get into it. Read more →

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March 06, 2017

Choosing your florist comes with a whole host of excitement and questions. What style bouquet are you looking for? Do you want seasonal flowers? What floral arrangements do you want on the table? so to make it a bit easier to understand I am going to split it into two blog posts. Today’s blog post is going to be all about your bouquet, including style and overall look you can create using flowers and foliage. Next week’s blog post will be all about your ceremony flowers and floral arrangments for your wedding breakfast. Read more →

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Once you have bought your wedding dress it’s then time to think about bridal accessories, if you haven’t already bought them with your wedding dress. Choosing which bridal accessories you want to wear on the day can be difficult to decided on and might take a while to find exactly what you are looking for, so let’s go through it.  Read more →



February 20, 2017

Going shopping for my wedding dress was definitely one of my favourite parts of planning the wedding as I had been looking at wedding dresses on Pinterest for about a year before actually trying any on. This is such a big part of your wedding planning but try not to stress about choosing the perfect dress, you will find it. I thought I would share my experience of wedding dress shopping and also give you an idea of what the different styles are. Read more →


Choosing who you want as your caterer for your wedding can be a really exciting but nerve-wracking process, as you don’t want to get it wrong. If you are lucky enough to have catering included in your venue then this process will be a lot easier for you. Some venues don’t include catering in which case you will need to do a bit of research before choosing who to go with. In either case, there are a few important question that will help make your decision easier so you don’t regret the choice you made. Read more →



Once you have chosen your venue and Church, if you are having a religious ceremony then its time to start putting together your guest list, which can be quite a daunting task. Then you have the decision on whether to send out save the date cards or not, which I will get back to later. Read more →



January 31,2017

Choosing your wedding party, I found was one of the biggest decisions we had to make. There is a lot to consider especially when choosing your Maid of Honour and Best Man, as they have some important responsibilities leading up to and on the wedding day. So to make the process easier for you I thought I would share with you some of my tips. Read more →




Choosing your wedding theme and colour scheme can very daunting but also a very important decision during your wedding period. I thought I would break this blog post into two sections and explore both themes and colour schemes in a bit more detail to help any of you who may be stuck or need some inspiration. Read more →



January 9, 2017

When is comes to planning your wedding it can be very daunting and stressful if you don’t really know where to start. I thought I would share with you some useful tips and websites I found extremely helpful. Read more →



Choosing your perfect wedding venue can be a very confusing and stressful time if you’re stuck on where to start. In my last blog post Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue I went through how to make the process a bit easier and also mentioned I made a list of question I asked each venue. I thought I would show you my list of question I asked each venue and why they are important. Read more →



After getting engaged one of the main parts of the wedding that need choosing is where you want to get married. Some people will know they want to get married in the same country they are living in where as others toy with getting married abroad. It will all depend on you as a couple but family may also come into it. If your other half is from another country then it can be a difficult decision to make but one you both need to be comfortable with. Read more →


Congratulations! Getting engaged is was one of the happiest days of my life and I hope yours was too. Getting engaged can sometimes become quite overwhelming as planning a wedding can be very confusing on where to start and what to do. Hopefully this blog post will make you feel a bit more at ease about the exciting journey of wedding planning ahead. Read more →



If any of you follow my blog or twitter you will know I am starting a new section on my blog all about engagement and wedding planning. I want to be able to share tips and advice on how to make planning your own wedding less stressful. I am getting married next summer so I am going to bring you all along with me on this amazing journey.  My first blog post in my wedding section was How I Met my Fiancé so if you missed it then it’s well worth a read to find out how I got engaged. Today I decided to share some amazing photos taken by our wedding photographer. Read more →



I can’t believe two years ago today the man of my dreams asked me out and it has been a whirl wind ever since. We are now engaged and in full swing of planning our wedding for next summer. I thought this would be the perfect time to announce I have decided to add a new section to my blog, which will be all about engagement, wedding and how to go about the whole planning procces of your special day. So what better way to start than sharing how I met my Fiancé. Read more →